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The success story of ELATEC began in 1988 with the distribution of electronic components. Continuous innovation and agility were the driving forces in our growth. Over the years, we solidified our core competencies and strategically refined our business segments: certain parts of the company fell away, and others were built up.

We turned our focus to RFID readers, which we design, manufacture and sell.

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The development of multi-technology readers was our ticket into international markets. One-of-a-kind hardware and software along with unparalleled service remain our unique attributes to this day. Because ELATEC is and will remain a company like no other: with passionate employees who work together to achieve extraordinary things for you.

Our shared vision: we want you to benefit from the advantages of RFID technology in many more areas of application. We are working on it.

2000 - 2005

Starting in 2003: RFID only

Focus on core business. The top sellers at the time: RFID readers with 125 kHz low frequency

2005: Breakthrough in secure printing

We integrated RFID in multifunctional printers for the first time: the beginning of an ongoing success story

2006 - 2010

2008: Perfect interplay of hardware and software

The new TWN3 product family is a revolution: reading/writing devices were never so easy to configure and integrate

2011 - 2015

2012: The magic word: universal

The TWN4 generation tops everything that came before: the multi-technology reading/writing devices are compatible with virtually every industrial application

2013: Capturing new markets

We expand our international business: the opening of our first American location in Florida, USA is a total success

2015: Entering new industries

We conquer the retail sector: the range of uses for RFID continues to grow and open access to new industries


2016 - 2020

2016: Innovations with BLE

We tap into BLE technology for our customers: with an exemplary market launch of the Bluetooth-capable TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE 

2018: Even more new markets

We push ahead with our global expansion: and open our first Chinese office in Shenzhen

2019: Palon Family

A family of multi-function readers optimized for physical access control and time & attendance applications.

2019: Mobile Credentials

For the first time, ELATEC now offers you both components for this area: the reader and the transponder. And this as a separate ELATEC App or alternatively as a solution from our partners. For BLE on iOS and Android mobile devices and for NFC on the Android platform.

2020: TWN4 Slim

The power of the TWN4 family in a slim, compact reader that is smaller than a credit card. Perfectly suited for integration into devices where space is at a premium.

2020: Acquisition Xccelo

At the beginning of the year, ELATEC acquired Xccelo GmbH to expand their physical access expertise and product offerings. In the course of the integration, Xccelo was transformed into ELATEC Systems GmbH.


2021: LEGIC SM-6300

The new powerful LEGIC SM-6300 as front-end chip supports many well-known RFID and smartcard contactless technologies. In conjunction with the integrated BLE module, LEGIC Connect Mobile Credentials can also be processed. This LEGIC service is available to mobile users for the familiar smartphone systems and can now be processed with the new ELATEC products.

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