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You are interested in ELATEC as an employer and have a thousand questions? That’s normal. That’s why we have asked our head of HR Sabine Thier to answer the most frequent questions.

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General Questions

General Questions

We recommend that you consider three levels: the functional, the professional and the personal. Functionally speaking, we are a sound international employer with the best future prospects; professionally, we can offer a number of challenging tasks; and personally, you’ll get to meet a colorful bunch of people who are fair and friendly to work with and have a lot of fun together. If you like open doors, want to make a difference and enjoy thinking outside the box, this is the right place for you. We hold our people in high regard and take care of them: from practicing work-life balance to flexible working hours through to individual solutions in exceptional personal circumstances. Sure, all employers say that, but our 2019 employee survey confirmed that 73% of employees are very satisfied. And at you’ll find above-average positive ratings and a 100% recommendation rate, which we are very proud of.

For us it is essential that you want to make a difference – to ensure that our internal and external customers are satisfied. We value a readiness to help others and the ability to simply get involved when it's needed – not only in your own department, but across the organization. You should enjoy learning something new and experimenting with new ideas. And if it doesn’t work the way you planned, you should just be able to pick yourself back up and keep moving forward. And be able to laugh – even at yourself sometimes.

We are open to applicants who have acquired their skills by means other than the classic path; or who bring additional expertise to the job. That makes working together really exciting and inspiring. Just recently I read “Zigzag is the new straight ahead” – and I can fully endorse that.

A good onboarding is very important to us. Before you start, we’ll design an onboarding plan and make appointments for managers to introduce their departments, tasks and interfaces. You’ll also be assigned a mentor – for professional and personal matters. In addition, there will be regular feedback dialogues during your probationary period.

We don’t have a classic career ladder. We have and live a very flat hierarchy. Naturally, we have managing directors, division heads and team managers. But assuming a leadership role is just one path to growth; individual professional development is equally as important and valuable to us. We do a lot on the basis of individual advancement, as it is appropriate for the person.

We have a part-time option for many positions. We’ll work with you to determine how many hours you can and would like to work. We are very flexible when it comes to the working hour regulation. We can also imagine filling a full-time position with persons working part time. Or the other way around. Of course, it always has to suit the position, too.

No, but we have a fully equipped kitchen where employees often cook together. A large supermarket, bakeries and various food/snack options are in our immediate vicinity. We provide water, coffee and tea free of charge.

ELATEC is very dog-friendly. If you let us know you want to bring your dog, we’ll see if it can work – if, for example, a coworker is scared of dogs or has an allergy, your four-legged friend will have to stay at home. That’s also true if your dog doesn’t get along with the other office dogs.

No – just wear what you feel most comfortable in. What’s important is the person, not what they are wearing. That’s part of our relaxed atmosphere.


Application documents and application process

As a rule, you can send us your files in any format. The best is PDF. The size of the file doesn’t matter. The smaller the size, the better, to keep the loading time shorter.

Nothing needs to be included, but anything can be. If there is something you feel is important for helping us get to know you, please include it. On the other hand: The more you tell us about yourself and your skills and expertise, the better your application will look. If you don’t have a current resume on hand, you can also send us a link to your LinkedIn or Xing profile to start with and send your resume later.

The easiest way is online or via our jobs portal. It is very simple and takes just five minutes: Just enter your name and contact information, or copy it from a Xing or LinkedIn profile, upload the data, done. If you run into any problems, just give us a call

We know that many applicants find it difficult to state their salary expectations. But beginning with the application process, it is important for us to know if the salary requirements match our pay structure. Depending on your task development, salary adjustments can and are made during the employment period – that is always something we can discuss.

The job description includes contact information for the responsible person in the HR department. Please give them a call.

We store and process your personal information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your information is strictly confidential. If we don’t have a suitable position for you, we will notify you and delete all of your data upon expiry of the legal retention period.

Interview at ELATEC

Interview at ELATEC

Just be yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not; be authentic. Point out your strengths. Explain to us how your skills and professional expertise are a good fit for the job advertised. And tell us about what you enjoy doing – we invite you to get to know you, not for you to put on a show.

You don’t have to dress up for our interview – it's your personality that will win us over. And we have quite a relaxed atmosphere anyway. You are welcome to leave your smart business outfit in the closet. But if a suit or dress is part of your everyday office attire, by all means wear it. It isn’t necessary to change for your interview.

Think clearly again about your expectations for us and the position; what is important for you when working with others; what you cannot do without and what isn’t possible at all. Because it is important to us that we are honest with one another – otherwise, it will likely be difficult to have a lasting and successful collaboration. The primary goal is to get to know one another – and to decide whether it's a mutual fit.

The interview will take about one to one-and-a-half hours. Colleagues from the professional departments and the HR department will attend. It's the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other. You’ll be able to tell right away whether you like the position and our company culture.

Depending on the position, there will be a second interview. If need be, you may also have the opportunity to work with us for a few hours as a trial.

No, we don't use an assessment center.

Yes, if they have been cleared prior to the appointment. Please speak with us about your travel expenses in advance. In order for us to reimburse the costs, you will need to submit your receipts and complete a travel expense form – we will provide you with the form.

Talent Pool

Talent Pool

Yes, definitely. Even if a suitable job isn’t posted at the moment, we are always looking for interesting and qualified people. Please indicate what kind of experience you have and which area you would like to work in. We look forward to your application. Are you unsure if you should apply? Please give us a call.

Yes, you can indicate in your application that you would like to be added to the talent pool if your application doesn't qualify for a current position. We will keep your documents in our system for the next twelve months. If you don’t click this field on your application but want to be included in the talent pool later, we require an email from you that gives us permission to store your application for the next twelve months (due to the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR). You can withdraw the statement at any time.

Trainees and Internships

Trainees and Internships

Positions for interns and student trainees and topics for degree theses are posted on our career page. But we also look forward to receiving unsolicited applications from young talents – so just ask. In keeping with the motto: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Great grades at school are a good thing. But what’s more important to us is the personality behind the grades. It's about you as a person!

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Sabine Thier

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