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Navigating Tomorrow's Mobility Landscape

In today's dynamic world, mobility and transportation face unprecedented challenges. The industry's evolution demands innovative mobility solutions that answer critical questions about sustainable transit and traffic regulation in both urban and rural settings. Key to this transformation are RFID, NFC, and BLE technologies, pivotal in shaping future transport methods and fuels. For manufacturers and suppliers, the challenge lies in creating future-proof strategies for an industry that is rapidly evolving on a global scale.

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This shift significantly impacts user authentication and access control, especially vital in car and bike sharing models and the rise of e-mobility. Ensuring secure, authorized access to vehicles and infrastructure is paramount for stakeholders, including charging station operators and government regulators. Solutions must cater to the need for security, data protection, and flexible billing systems, while adapting to new technologies and user demands for convenience, such as effortless smartphone-based authentication.

Revolutionizing Mobility with Advanced Authentication

Central to modern mobility applications is the innovative use of universal readers, which revolutionize user authentication and access control. These systems offer flexibility, allowing authentication through both traditional cards and cutting-edge smartphones utilizing Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and Near-Field Communication (NFC). This dual approach caters to diverse user preferences and evolving technology trends. The versatility of these readers extends to their adaptability, capable of being tailored for each specific application or individual user, with the ease of changing preferences as needed.

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Adaptable Authentication for Evolving Transportation Needs

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As the transportation sector rapidly evolves, influenced by climate protection, sustainability, digitization, and innovative mobility concepts and technologies, the need for adaptable user authentication and access control becomes critical. Predicting future trends remains a challenge, emphasizing the importance of a flexible, responsive system. Our approach is to offer a customized, scalable authentication system, tailor-made to fit diverse requirements. Whether starting small with a few users and applications or aiming for a comprehensive, global deployment, our system is equipped to scale accordingly. A key feature is the integration of universal readers, compatible with various transponders like cards and smartphones, ensuring seamless adaptability across all applications.


Future-Ready Mobility with Custom Authentication

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In the ever-evolving mobility sector, user authentication and access control stand as pivotal elements. Emphasizing the need for solutions that are specifically tailored to unique requirements, we offer an approach that prepares you for future challenges. Our comprehensive package encompasses robust software and hardware, complemented by expert advice and unparalleled support. This blend of technology and expertise ensures that your mobility services are not only secure and efficient but also perfectly aligned with your specific operational needs.


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