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Authentication solutions for optimal fleet management.

Whether logistics companies or government institutions such as the fire department, police or postal service: many companies and organizations own large fleets of trucks or cars that need to be managed. Particularly in freight forwarding companies, every minute often counts. Cost reduction and process optimization therefore play a central role, while at the same time complying with legal regulations such as those on operating or break times. And the security of data, people and commercial vehicles is also essential. In any case, it must be ensured that only authorized persons with the necessary qualifications have access to the vehicles and that the drivers' personal data is protected at all times. Maximum transparency is also important: only those who can track processes and routes with the help of optimized telematics systems can identify optimization potential and implement changes accordingly. And simple and cost-effective integration into existing personnel systems is also crucial.

Secure and easy-to-use authentication solutions via radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) can help overcome these challenges. For example, the existing employee ID card or smartphone is sufficient to ensure reliable, secure and convenient authentication at all times. In conjunction with a telemetry system, they also enable real-time tracking of routes and driver behavior. This means that optimization potential, such as the need for new route planning for lower fuel consumption or faster arrival, can be identified and implemented accordingly.

Maximum transparency and security

Your company operates a commercial vehicle fleet that you need to manage efficiently? Then you will benefit from an authentication solution from ELATEC in several ways: in processes, cost control and reduction, and risk minimization.

How can I benefit from a smart authentication solution for my fleet?


A solution for every challenge.

You need to manage vehicle fleets efficiently and reduce your costs at the same time? Then a modern authentication solution from ELATEC is exactly what you need! Not only can it be (re)configured remotely at any time, it can also be easily integrated into existing systems and linked to your telemetry services. And you achieve maximum security and full control over your vehicles. Anytime and from anywhere. Because ELATEC readers ensure that only authorized and certified persons can drive your vehicles.

Benefit from a universal, unique solution package of product, software and service that works worldwide and gives you maximum flexibility. Together, we set everything up to meet your current needs. If changes are made, the solution can be easily adapted at any time. Either on your own or by our experts. Quickly, securely and often even remotely. Smoothly and efficiently. Now and in the future.

Speaking of service: ELATEC is always there for you. With conscientious needs analysis and holistic consulting, so that you get the optimal solution for your requirements. With technical expertise during implementation in your individual system landscape. With lightning-fast, competent response when you have questions and need advice. And with a unique support portfolio during operation. Worldwide. That's a promise.

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Benefit from a well-thought-out overall package.

With your individual solution from ELATEC, compliance with legal regulations is easy: you not only have an overview at all times of which of your employees was on the road with one of your vehicles, when and where, but also whether operating times and specifications were adhered to. Safety statistics can thus be compiled and evaluated in no time at all. And of course, you can be sure that only authorized and qualified persons have access to your vehicles and that your employees' data is protected against misuse at all times. After all, RFID cards or credentials on smartphones are harder to forge, duplicate or hack than conventional solutions. Thanks to the simple integration into existing systems, your employees also benefit from maximum convenience: they only need their existing employee ID card or smartphone for all work processes. And best of all, you reduce your costs threefold: in conjunction with your telemetry systems, ELATEC allows you to keep track of routes and processes at all times and thus identify potential for optimization and cost reduction at an early stage. Our remote maintenance also saves you expensive downtime and cost-intensive technician time, and you reduce your key management costs almost incidentally to zero.

Which technology is best suited for my requirements?

Are you about to implement a uniform overall solution for your fleet management and are wondering which technologies are best suited to your needs? No problem! Universal readers from ELATEC are able to read RFID as well as BLE and NFC signals, thus offering maximum flexibility. This means that both card and smartphone can be used as identification media, even in parallel. You can make the decision individually for each application and person—and simply change it if necessary. Your needs. Your customized solution.       

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