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Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions

For logistics and transportation companies or government institutions like the fire department and police, managing large fleets of trucks or cars is crucial. Especially for freight forwarding companies, efficiency is key. Cost reduction and process optimization are pivotal, ensuring compliance with legal guidelines on operating hours. The security of data, personnel, and commercial vehicles is vital. It's imperative that only authorized persons access the vehicles, safeguarding drivers' personal data. With optimized telematics systems, transparency in tracking processes and routes allows for identifying optimization potential. Integrating these solutions seamlessly into personnel systems is also essential.

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Next-Generation Fleet Authentication: Using RFID, NFC, and BLE

Secure and user-friendly authentication solutions using RFID, NFC, or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) address fleet challenges effectively. An employee ID card or smartphone offers reliable and seamless authentication. When paired with a telemetry system, it facilitates real-time tracking of routes and driver patterns, unveiling optimization potential. This aids in efficient route planning for reduced fuel usage or quicker arrivals.

Optimize Your Fleet with ELATEC: Enhance Processes, Cut Risks

Your company operates a commercial vehicle fleet that you need to manage efficiently? Then you will benefit from an authentication solution from ELATEC in several ways: in processes, cost control and reduction, and risk minimization.

How can I benefit from a smart authentication solution for my fleet?


Modern Authentication: Secure and Convenient Fleet Management Access

Looking for efficient fleet vehicle management while cutting costs? ELATEC's advanced fleet solution is your answer. It can be remotely (re)configured and seamlessly integrated with existing systems and telemetry services. This ensures maximum security and comprehensive fleet control. With ELATEC, only authorized and certified individuals have access to drive your vehicles, guaranteeing safety and efficiency.

Maximum Flexibility: Fleet Solutions Tailored for Now and the Future

Experience maximum flexibility with ELATEC's universal solution package, encompassing product, software, and service that operates globally. We tailor everything to your current demands, ensuring adaptability for any future changes. Whether you handle it or let our experts assist, adjustments are done swiftly, securely, and often remotely for smooth and efficient transitions.

Rely on ELATEC for comprehensive consulting and technical proficiency. Need answers or guidance? We respond swiftly and expertly, supporting you globally. Your success is our promise.

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Enhance Compliance and Reduce Costs with ELATEC's Fleet Management Solution

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With ELATEC's tailored solution, easily comply with legal standards. Maintain a clear overview of employees' vehicle use, ensuring adherence to operating norms and safety metrics. Rest assured that only authorized individuals have access, protected by secure RFID and smartphone credentials. Seamless integration with current systems ensures user-friendly access via their ID or phone. Paired with telemetry systems, ELATEC optimizes route and process tracking, unveiling cost-cutting potentials early on. Moreover, our remote services decrease downtime and practically eliminate key management costs.

Choose the Right Technology for Your Fleet Management

Considering a uniform fleet management solution? ELATEC's universal readers handle RFID, BLE, and NFC signals for unmatched flexibility. Use both cards and smartphones for identification. Adapt your choices for each application, easily switching as required. Tailored solutions for your specific needs.  

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