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As a manufacturer of products that may seem inconspicuous at first, but are truly fascinating and offer virtually endless possibilities, we can guarantee that you will never be bored. In our team, full-blooded professionals work side by side with dedicated newcomers. We think globally and act locally. Together. Motivated and cooperative. We look each other in the eye. And at the big picture. You do that too? Then get started with us when you’ve finished your training or studies. Reenter the workforce after taking a break with family. Or begin a new path with a career change and look forward to a new challenge.

In a nutshell: Join our team.

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Our current job postings

Unsolicited application at ELATEC - always an option

You don’t see the right job in the current job postings? Then send us a general application, since our international growth regularly creates new exciting positions. 
We are always looking for experts in cloud, mobile, embedded, software developers, sales people, production people or in administration. Just come up to us and get to know us: No matter if you are looking for a new position immediately or later.

Please indicate what kind of experience you have and which area you would like to work in. If don’t have your current documents on hand, send us a link to your Xing or LinkedIn profile – or give us a call. We look forward to your application – in any form!

How the application process works

When an interesting application comes in, we want to get to know the person behind it as soon as possible – that's you. Along with your professional qualifications, what is important to us is the chemistry – we are looking for coworkers who are a good fit for our teams. More information on this, e.g. on how to apply, can be found in the FAQs.

Stages in the application process

You send us your application online – it’s very easy and done in no time.

We confirm receipt via email.

The HR department and the professional department to which you applied will review your application. We usually need one or two weeks for this.

Depending on the position, we will conduct a phone interview.

Then we will make an appointment to meet each other in person. So you can learn more about us. And we can learn more about you.

Depending on the position, you may have the option of working several hours on a trial basis; so you can get a taste of the job, the company culture we practice and the colleagues.

We’ll then give each other feedback. Your feedback for us. And ours for you.

If we agree, we’ll draw up a contract and - presto - you’re part of our team

Welcome to ELATEC. We will now prepare everything for you: from the workplace and IT to the training plan. And we will find a sponsor who will actively support you during your induction.

What our candidates sayJust read. And be inspired.

"Efficient, professional, very friendly”
“Very quick response and was respectful when dealing with applicants!”
“Open, honest, transparent and appreciative!


kununu integration

kununu is currently the largest employer assessment platform in Europe with around 1.5 million assessments of 300,000 companies. If you would like to see our kununu ranking then please click here.

Culture is more than a matter of taste

No matter which position you are interested in: Your personality and our culture need to fit – or neither of us will be happy in the long term. It may sound lofty, but how we interact with one another is a crucial aspect that determines if our coworkers are happy and satisfied. Taking responsibility for a common cause. Cooperative and constructive.

We place a great deal of trust in our employees; we are willing to try new things – and it's okay if they don’t always work out. Every door is open, creative ideas and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Close communication among employees is important to us. In this context, we always see our employees as people and not just as workers; we are happy that our employees are interested in one another, support one another, listen to one another and notice what the other needs.

If your personal life needs extra attention, we’ll find a solution; for instance, if your partner is sick and you need to take a few weeks off or want to work from home. Because our employees are the focus of what we do. And that’s why an important part of our culture is not just working together, but laughing together – even at ourselves sometimes. We want to cultivate a relaxed atmosphere and object to overly strict conventions. So we all can and should be just as we are.

Our location in Puchheim near Munich

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Directions to our offices

If you take public transportation from the Munich central station: S-Bahn S4 towards Geltendorf, station Puchheim, bus line 854 toward Puchheim Ort / Lohfeldstraße, station Dornierstraße – from the bus stop, ELATEC is just one minute away.

If you arrive by car, we have a visitor parking place on company grounds and additional parking in the vicinity.

Our video for applicants: Come into the spotlight!

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