A colorful team.
All individualists.
With common values. Welcome to ELATEC.

You know what you are capable of. And you know what you want. Are you committed, empathetic, willing to take the initiative, and enjoy flexibility? Then we should get to know each other. Because ELATEC is always open to people who think and act as part of a team. And who are willing to try something new – because our teams are dynamic.

With one another. For one another.

Join us and become
part of our team!

160+ employees

... are already part of our team

30 years of experience in RFID

... make us the technology leader

21 locations worldwide

... add international flair and exciting tasks

19 languages are spoken by our employees at home

... because we live diversity

14 departments but 1 team

... all aiming for the same direction

About understanding, trust
and working together at ELATEC.

When you ask our customers what sets ELATEC apart, they say hardware, software, service ... and intimacy. What this means: We strive to understand the individual wants and needs of our customers – in order to design a future-proof solution that suits them. The same is true when it comes to jobs at ELATEC. We see our employees. We take note of their needs and rely on their strengths. And we have understanding for their (supposed) weaknesses.

Don’t get the wrong idea: This isn’t a petting zoo. We can have disputes. But they are always respectful and results-oriented. We work hard. And like to celebrate. We complain about our homemade chaos at times – because we are growing faster than our structures. But part of us is always smiling.

Because of the I can,
I will and I may at ELATEC

No matter if you’re a man or woman, old or young, an expert in your field, or want to become one again after a break or change in direction, or are just beginning your career after school or university: You can prove yourself at ELATEC. By taking the initiative, assuming responsibility and having a healthy understanding of an error culture . After all, we rely on one another. We also learn from one another. Because we are concerned about how the other is doing. That is why, whenever possible, we offer flexible working time and freedom when structuring workflows. Of course there are standard deadlines and regular processes – but they happen when it makes sense and not just “because that’s what we always do in February.” 

It is important to us that people feel comfortable working here if they intend to perform their jobs – and they should. What’s more: We love our Bavarian home in Puchheim.

What our employees sayJust read. And be inspired.

"Very open and appreciative working atmosphere – you don’t just work here, you have fun here too.”
“There’s no prescribed career path here, individuality is a priority; so you have chances and opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have.”
“Trust-based working hours, of course there can be stressful times but generally there isn’t a lot of overtime."


kununu integration

kununu is currently the largest employer assessment platform in Europe with around 1.5 million assessments of 300,000 companies. If you would like to see our kununu ranking then please click here.

Awards & points of view

Receiving an award isn’t what motivates us to work. But we are pleased with the honors. And don’t want to keep them from you. After all, we are a little outstanding ... but not at all cocky ;-)

ELATEC Top Company 2024

ELATEC continues its winning streak - Top Company 2024

We are proud and delighted to announce that ELATEC has been named a Top Company by Kununu for the third time in a row. This recognition for 2024 underlines that we are among the exclusive 5% of the most attractive employers and shows that our efforts to create an excellent working environment are bearing fruit. Kudos to our team, whose daily commitment and loyalty are the cornerstones of our success. Thank you for making ELATEC a place we can all be proud of.

ELATEC was voted Top Company 2023

ELATEC voted Top Company 2023

We are thrilled to have been named a Top Company for 2023 by the employer-rating platform Kununu. This prestigious recognition places us among the top 5% of the most sought-after employers. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of our employees, as this achievement wouldn't have been possible without your dedication and hard work.

ELATEC voted Top Company 2022

We were rated Top Company 2022 by the employer-rating platform Kununu. This means we are among the top 5% of the most popular employers. A big thanks to all of our employees because without you this award would not have been possible.

ELATEC was selected as Top Employer for the second year in a row

ELATEC was named one of the best employers 2021 in the SME sector by Focus Business magazine and the employer-rating platform Kununu. Thanks to our employees, without whom we would not have received this award.

ELATEC voted Top Employer for medium-sized businesses in 2020

The news magazine FOCUS-Business and employer-rating platform kununu have selected ELATEC as one of the top employers for medium-sized businesses in 2020. Thank you to all of our great employees who stand by our side every day and to whom we owe our success. 

ELATEC is now member of „Familienpakt Bayern“

We have been a member of the “Familienpakt Bayern” (Bavarian Family Pact) since January 7, 2020, a joint initiative of the Bavarian State Government and the umbrella organizations of the Bavarian economy. The aim is to improve the compatibility of family and work and to anchor it in the world of work in the long term. We support this change in culture and awareness and make an active contribution to it.

HR Manager of the year 2019

Sabine Thier, Head of Human Resources at ELATEC: “We have great and committed employees and an open and trusting corporate culture that we are proud of. For me it is particularly important, especially in our strong growth phase, to preserve our values such as openness, trust and appreciation and to develop the necessary new structures. Our employees are at the center, each with their individuality and needs.”

Above average Kununu-Score

The above-average kununu rating (4.6 out of 5 stars) as well as the recommendation rate of 100% confirm our efforts for each individual employee at ELATEC.We will continue to cultivate our corporate culture, which focuses on our employees first.

"Innovation price IT"

The "Initiative Mittelstand" awards companies with innovative IT solutions with high utility value for medium-sized businesses. ELATEC was awarded with the IT Innovation Prize for its Multi-Technology reader TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard.

Top 100

For the 25th time in 2018, the TOP 100 competition selected the most innovative companies in the German SME sector. ELATEC GmbH was awarded as one of these innovation leaders.

Sabine Thier

Sabine Thier

Petra Härle

Petra Härle

Manuela Wagener

Manuela Wagener

Petra Warth

Petra Warth

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