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Even if an ELATEC product is no longer sold, we continue to support you in case of questions.

Here you can find an overview of Product Discontinuation Notifications (PDN), as well as an overview of discontinued products.

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Product Discontinuation Notification

Product PDN No. Download
Deskreader and Handreader Series PDN-291021-01 PDF | 199.05 KB
TWN3 Nanomodule PDN-210913-01 PDF | 190.39 KB
TWN3 MIFARE PDN-211215-01 PDF | 194.64 KB
TWN3 MIFARE M PDN-211215-01 PDF | 194.64 KB
TWN3 Mini Reader MIFARE NFC PDN-220207-01 PDF | 195.14 KB
AC Power Wall Adapter AUS PDN-21111102 PDF | 206.98 KB
TWN4 MultiTech PDN-220513-03 PDF | 196.5 KB
TWN4 MultiTech LEGIC PDN-220819-02 PDF | 199.1 KB
TWN4 MultiTech 2 LF PDN-221026-01 PDF | 191 KB
TWN4 MultiTech 3 M LF PDN-221026-02 PDF | 191.06 KB
TWN4 MultiTech 3 HF PDN-220112-01 PDF | 192.44 KB
TWN4 MultiTech Nano HF PDN-220124-02 PDF | 202.76 KB
TWN4 MultiTech Nano LF PDN-220124-02 PDF | 202.76 KB
TWN4 MultiTech LEGIC 45 (HF ONLY) PDN-220201-01 PDF | 187.55 KB
TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard / TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard LEGIC 42 PDN-220601-01 PDF | 189.51 KB
TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard MIFARE NFC / TWN4 SmartCard LEGIC NFC PDN-220425-01 PDF | 193.08 KB
TWN4 MultiTech Core PDN-220512-02 PDF | 206.25 KB
TWN4 USB Front Reader LF HF PDN-220502-01 PDF | 189.9 KB
TWN3 LEGIC NFC PDN-220801-01 PDF | 200.22 KB
TWN3 LEGIC NFC M PDN-220801-01 PDF | 200.22 KB
XPASS PDN-231006-04 PDF | 184.38 KB
XSTREAM PDN-231006-01 PDF | 184.8 KB
XTIME PDN-231006-02 PDF | 184.16 KB
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