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ELATEC is your leading global provider of solutions related to short range wireless readers/writers. As a reliable partner, we offer you the best products, processes and services for your business. You will always be satisfied when you choose ELATEC, because our combination of experience, technology leadership and comprehensive service is one-of-a-kind.

We are and will remain right at the forefront for you.

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Understanding. Trust. Benefits.

You and your individual needs are the focus of what we do – whether you are a manufacturer, system integrator or end user. Because understanding for your situation is the basis of our relationship. And that is what we aspire to. We know relationship, and the RFID process better than anyone, and offer consulting and capability like no other. We will examine your application scenario and company environment, and listen to you. And we’ll understand you. That's the prerequisite for developing solutions that precisely meet and satisfy your needs – and we will.

Partnership. Quality. Service.

Our aspiration to stand by you as a partner is what drives us. We believe that identifying and meeting customer needs is a central purpose of our business. Our solutions are innovative and our developments are technically robust and carefully crafted, made to be a perfect fit. It goes without saying that we deliver the highest quality – and the same is true for our suppliers. We accept no compromises when it comes to support. It is a cornerstone of trust and collaboration.

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With ELATEC there is a reliable Made-in-Germany player on the market.

ELATEC drives the exchange from insecure transponder technologies to secure solutions within only a swipe of a card.

Jonas Lenz

CEO, idVation GmbH

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Time-to-Market is getting more and more important for our customers.

The products of ELATEC help to reduce the Time-to-Market of our customers significantly as well as reducing design inrisk for the engineer as well.

Jürgen Schröder

Senior Product Manager NFC Infrastructure, NXP

Logo NXP

We never hesitate to recommend ELATEC's superior RFID technology and exceptional technical support.

We've developed it to a wide range of customers in highly varied applications.

Richard Harrison

Technical Sales Director, CoreRFID

Logo core rfid

You got it. Only from us.

Our combination of service, software and products is optimally coordinated to give you a complete RFID package like no other on the market. Secure and powerful. Universal and flexible. Reliable and future-proof. And with guaranteed simplicity when it comes to setup and operation. We would also be happy to take care of any customizations for you. We can often complete these remotely within one day, if you require it. We are there for you immediately when you have questions, because it is central in our partnership to provide consulting and enabling.

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