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Bicycle Sharing System: Pioneering Change in Urban Mobility

Bike and car sharing is reshaping the mobility industry. With rising popularity in cities, service operators face stringent regulations to ensure road safety and proper user qualifications. Ensuring the security of sensitive customer and payment data is paramount to prevent misuse. Adapting to evolving customer needs, tech requirements, and vehicle innovations are also challenges. The key to success is a reliable bike-sharing solution that's both efficient and convenient for users.

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RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) offer robust and adaptable authentication solutions. Just a smartphone or a membership card ensures trustworthy and hassle-free user authentication. This not only streamlines billing, whether it's subscription-based or pay-per-ride, but also provides insights into end-user behaviors—vital for loyalty programs and crucial accident documentation.

Easy to implement and adaptable at any time

To satisfy your customers in the long term as a provider of sharing services, you need reliable systems that identify, for example, who is currently unlocking and using which bike, car or e-scooter. With a modern authentication solution, you also get valuable tracking data and can connect the system to payment and membership management systems.

How can I benefit from a smart authentication solution for my sharing services?


Modern Authentication: Seamless Integration for Shared Mobility

For every mobility service, be it cars, bicycles, or e-scooters, ELATEC delivers a modern authentication solution ensuring future-proofing for your fleet. Boasting ease of adaptability, reliability, and affordability, our technology keeps you abreast with evolving needs and technological advancements. Our high-security standards eliminate concerns about data breaches or misuse.

Benefit from our globally acclaimed, adaptable solution package - a blend of product, software, and service. ELATEC ensures it aligns with your present needs, facilitating modifications whenever required, even remotely. Our dedicated team is committed to offering comprehensive consulting and swift technical assistance, promising optimal solutions and unmatched global support.

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The Ultimate Bike-Sharing Solution: Seamless, Safe & Adaptable

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ELATEC delivers unmatched flexibility and rigorous safety with tailored solutions for your unique needs. Ideal for the commuter market, our tech enables dual use: one card for both public transport and vehicle borrowing. Using RFID cards and smartphone integrations, we ensure authorized access to vehicles, protect customer data, and provide precise user tracking, be it for cars, bikes, or e-scooters. This streamlined system not only improves billing accuracy but also offers users utmost convenience with a simple phone or membership card. Additionally, our sleek readers effortlessly integrate into existing backend systems.

Which technology is best suited for my vehicle sharing system?

Planning a cohesive solution for your sharing fleet? Unsure about the right technologies? ELATEC's universal readers have got you covered. They detect both RFID and BLE, as well as NFC signals, ensuring unparalleled flexibility. Use smartphones or cards interchangeably for identification. Tailor your approach for each target group, and adapt as needed. Your demands. Your personalized solution.

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