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In our self-optimization-oriented society, fitness and wellness are high on the agenda for many people. Whether you're a yoga fan or an ambitious bodybuilder, the industry has a wide range of offerings to suit all needs. Strength and weight training, cardio, Pilates, sauna, affiliated gastronomy and even childcare services are nowadays a matter of course for visitors to gyms and wellness oases. So is excellent service and a high level of comfort. In times when heart rate monitors and health apps are ubiquitous, digital offerings are also increasingly in demand in fitness centers.  Examples are online courses or training plans on the smartphone. Operators of gyms and wellness facilities have to meet all these expectations - and exceed them - in order to survive the tough competition.

The trend toward digitization in the fitness industry offers operators the chance to gain a decisive edge in the race for members and visitors. A modern system that regulates user authentication and access, as well as entry, makes a valuable contribution to this. By providing members and guests with convenient and easy access to all areas, facilities and services they are entitled to use during their stay. And it does so on a completely individual basis. For example, behind-the-scenes access to the sauna and pool can be controlled for premium members or day guests, while a basic membership restricts access to the locker rooms and workout area. Employees, on the other hand, can be granted unrestricted access to all areas. And with a modern authentication solution, even more is possible: applications such as the automatic setting of fitness equipment according to the training plan, the import of fitness data into the studio's own health app, or access to virtual training sessions can also be implemented via this. Operators can offer guests the entire spectrum of identification media for this purpose: Card, keyfob, smartphone or the increasingly popular wearables, everything is possible. Visitors benefit from the maximum convenience of such a solution, fitness facility owners from efficient processes. By handling access and payment transactions digitally in the catering area, staff can invest the resources thus freed up in optimum member care.

For those responsible in the fitness industry, other aspects count in addition to smooth, convenient processes: The system should be compatible with existing solutions, allow adaptations to changing requirements and be able to process future technologies. In addition, it must be as easy as possible to manage authorizations. And all this at different locations, if required.

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At the heart of a modern access control system are universal readers that simply make everything possible. This would enable facilities in the fitness industry to offer their visitors a wide variety of identification media. For example, existing membership cards or keyfobs based on radio frequency identification (RFID) can be used without any problems. Or you can rely on the future and thus on mobile credentials in the form of smartphones or wearables that support Near-Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). Of course, all identification media from cards to smartwatches can also be used in parallel. You can make the decision individually for each application, visitor or employee - and simply change it if necessary.

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How do facilities in the fitness industry benefit from user authentication, access systems and access control?


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The fitness industry leaves nothing to be desired in terms of mental and physical well-being. The offerings range from specialists for strength training on machines to the exclusive gym with a wide range of courses to the huge spa with fun pool and sauna landscape. Whether small or large, all facilities have to offer comfort and keep up with new trends to remain attractive to their visitors. This makes it all the more important to implement an overall solution that allows maximum flexibility and permits adjustments at any time. We support you with a customized, scalable system that can be designed entirely according to your needs. Start with just a few users or selected applications. Or go big right from the start. Whether you want to start with just access control for members or immediately equip all your fitness center locations with different applications from access to the underground parking garage to authentication at the equipment, one thing always applies: because the solution is based on universal readers, all types of transponders such as cards, smartphones or wearables can be used for any application. Have you already implemented credentials? No problem: Thanks to the universal devices, you can easily integrate them into the overall system. 


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A convenient and secure user authentication and access control system can make all the difference between satisfied and delighted customers in the fitness industry. To ensure that you get the right solution for your individual challenges, we have put together a complete package for you: consisting of powerful software and hardware as well as competent consulting and unique support.

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