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Flexibility for modern work hours

Mobile working habits are evolving, with the traditional office giving way to remote work—a shift amplified by COVID. Conventional working hour recordings, like entry into buildings, are now less effective. It's vital for companies to track when their personnel are on or off duty, be it in a home office, co-working space, or any other location. This data, crucial for personnel and project planning, demands strong protection, akin to personal data. Both employers and employees need clear insights into their work logs, especially in remote settings, aligning with legal work and rest periods. With changing work patterns, tracking attendance and working hours should be adaptable.

RFID Reader with Card

Modern Authentication: From RFID to Smartphone Logging

No matter your employees' location, our authentication solution harnesses RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technologies to tackle modern work challenges. It offers smooth tracking of attendances and departures. Just a card or smartphone is all you need for dependable, easy time recording. To log hours, show the employee ID card or phone to the computer's reader. Simple!

Time recording for all work situations.

Will your employees be sitting at a different desk in the office tomorrow than they are today? Or work from a mobile workstation? Transparent and seamless time recording is still possible without any problems!

Learn how you can keep track of your time with contactless time recording, even when working on the move!


ELATEC: Pioneering Time Recording in the Digital Era

ELATEC's time recording system, utilizing RFID cards and mobile authentication on smartphones, is crafted for the evolving workplace. It ensures transparency, user-friendliness, and most importantly, flexibility, regardless of the location. Whether from a home office or a factory, employees can log their hours and even book workspaces. This system offers a comprehensive view of all activities.

Benefit from a globally recognized solution encompassing product, software, and services that provide unparalleled flexibility. We collaborate to tailor-fit solutions to your present needs. Adapting to changes is straightforward, be it independently or with our expert intervention. The process is swift, secure, and often remotely managed, guaranteeing a seamless experience from inception and into the future.

As for support, ELATEC is committed to your success. Our in-depth analysis and holistic consulting ensure you achieve the best time and attendance solution tailored to your needs. Experience our technical prowess during system integration, prompt responses to inquiries, and unmatched post-deployment support. We're global, and we promise excellence.

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Secure & Simple Time and Attendance Solutions

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Looking for a time and attendance system that's both simple for businesses and their employees while ensuring top-notch data security? ELATEC has got you covered. Our bespoke solutions allow your team to securely and swiftly log in and out, recording their work hours and breaks with ease. Whether using an employee ID card or a smartphone, modern authentication technology ensures quick access to approved systems and documents. This not only streamlines administrative tasks but ensures that only authorized personnel access specific data. You get to choose the kind of reports and evaluations, ensuring you have the comprehensive work-time data necessary for optimal staffing strategies. And with the robust security of our RFID cards and mobile credentials, concerns over data tampering or unauthorized access are a thing of the past. Our system captures data in real-time, guaranteeing utmost security for all parties. With ELATEC, safeguarding sensitive data from unwarranted access is a given.

Holistic RFID, BLE & NFC Time Recording Solutions

Considering a holistic time recording solution and pondering over the right technologies? Let ELATEC simplify that for you! Our universal readers seamlessly integrate with RFID, BLE, and NFC technologies, ensuring unparalleled flexibility. Whether it's cards or smartphones as your preferred identification tools, or even both simultaneously, our system accommodates. Tailor the system according to your business's unique requirements and the preferences of your employees. And if ever there's a need to pivot, making adjustments is a breeze. ELATEC - precisely aligning with your needs for a bespoke solution.

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