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Kiosk System: Ensuring Secure & Streamlined Processes

Unlimited application potential with kiosk solutions. Kiosk systems are pivotal for robust security across various industries. Cabinet systems safeguard crucial equipment and medicines. Kiosk systems cater to diverse user needs, while ticketing enhances efficiency in events and public transport.

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Companies increasingly adopt kiosk systems, cabinet, and ticketing solutions with RFID, NFC, or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). Just a card or smartphone ensures constant, secure authentication. Especially during COVID-19, these systems offer contactless, hygienic access 24/7, even during off-peak hours.

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Do you use kiosk, cabinet or ticketing systems? Then you could benefit from RFID or NFC and BLE in several ways. Customers or employees can easily access your service around the clock. And you maximize your profitability by making your service permanently available.

How can my organization benefit from a smart kiosk or ticketing solution?


Pioneering Kiosk Solutions: The Comprehensive ELATEC Approach

From tool cabinets in manufacturing to medicine cabinets in hospitals, and e-ticketing systems for transport, modern authentication solutions ensure security and convenience for both operators and users.

Experience a comprehensive, universal solution spanning product, software, and service with global applicability. We tailor solutions to your needs, ensuring easy adaptability for future changes, whether done independently or with our expert assistance.

At the heart of service, ELATEC promises unwavering support. From in-depth needs analysis to expert implementation, our commitment is to deliver optimal solutions with prompt and competent support, ensuring seamless operations across the globe.

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Kiosk Innovations: Where Flexibility Meets Security

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ELATEC's kiosk solutions offer tailored, secure access ensuring only authorized individuals use lockers or kiosks. Enjoy 24/7 user availability for payments, accessing tools, and other services, all hassle-free without lost keys or PIN struggles. Extend your services flexibly, tapping into new revenue streams. Moreover, our sleek readers are easy to install, ensuring smooth system integration even for custom needs.

Choosing the Right Tech? ELATEC's Universal Readers Have You Covered

Considering a uniform solution and unsure about the tech? ELATEC's universal readers handle RFID, BLE, and NFC seamlessly. Use cards or smartphones, or even both, for identification. Customize per application or individual, adjusting as needed. Tailored solutions to fit your demands.   

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