Time recording, made easy: Solutions for the new legal landscape

A challenge for employees—with many unanswered questions

Now, the decision has been made—in principle. However, details still need to be defined. It is still unclear exactly when the new regulation will apply and in what form the proof of working hours must be provided. So far, there are no special requirements from the legislation. Time can be recorded manually or electronically, for example, using suitable software or apps. In any case, the stricter requirements across all industries and company sizes mean an additional bureaucratic burden that first needs to be managed. Companies would do well to position themselves for the future when implementing the new time recording regulations and not approach the issue half-heartedly. After all, a little more is better than too little. 

A look at the European guidelines, which also set the course for Germany, is helpful here. At the European level, it was already stipulated in 2019 that time recording must be "traceable" and "tamper-proof." And this will hardly be achievable with a minimalist "timesheet" system.


ELATEC bundles authentication and time recording in one system.

Skeptical voices speculate that the new timekeeping rule is the end of the still-nascent home office model. These fears are hardly reasonable. After all, recording working hours is not synonymous with compulsory presence. In times of digital solutions, it can be done differently. However, it must be ensured that the recording system used records the hours actually worked transparently, without gaps and in compliance with data protection requirements. Ideally, this should be done in such a way that neither the employer nor the employee has to put up with a lot of extra work. In essence, one could say that the best time recording system is one that users do not even notice, but that simply "runs along"—just like the good old time clock. 

ELATEC offers exactly such a solution. By bundling authentication and time recording, we keep the hurdles low and thus increase user acceptance. For this purpose, ELATEC, in cooperation with top-class software partners, offers future-proof, data-protection-compliant and scalable solutions, including service and support. This means that companies are on the safe side when it comes to implementing the new laws, and at the same time can always count on a competent contact partner when the framework conditions change.

Flexible like today's work. As secure as the good old time clock.

On the one hand, flexible working—on the other hand, new, strict regulations for time recording. How does that fit together? That's what some people might ask. The answer is: very well. Namely, when time recording is linked to other smart systems that employees use anyway in a modern, decentralized working world. One such system is modern authentication solutions such as those offered by ELATEC. With these, employees log in at the office, home office or shared desk to gain access to data, programs, servers and more. What could be easier than linking this check-in directly to the recording of working hours? This way, no additional effort is required, and the hours worked are recorded precisely. Naturally, in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

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The right solution for everyone—thanks to technological diversity

As an innovative technology leader, ELATEC offers a wide range of solutions with which authentication and time recording can be completed in one step. These include proven RFID-based systems in which employees use a card or transponder, but also the increasingly popular authentication via smartphone, based on NFC (Near Field Communication) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). Here, employees no longer need any additional "hardware" at all for authentication, such as a card or keyfob, but simply log into the system with their cell phone. This makes implementing the new time and attendance laws child's play. Employees do not have to spend a long time learning new systems, and companies, for their part, do not have to invest in their own time recording system and implement it company-wide. With our authentication solutions, you get seamless documentation of attendances and absences virtually "on the side" and yet 100% reliably. A card or smartphone is all that is needed to enable convenient time recording. At the beginning and end of working hours, the employee's ID card (or, alternatively, the smartphone) is simply presented to the reader on the PC or laptop—and that's it.


Equipped for everything that is yet to come.

Since legislation is constantly evolving, and companies and organizations are also constantly changing and developing in the digital age, solutions that support these changes are more important than ever. With authentication solutions from ELATEC, you not only have a proven solution for the new legislation surrounding time and attendance, but also further future-proof your organization. Thanks to our unique, globally applicable solution package consisting of product, software and service, you are on the safe side and retain a great deal of freedom: if changes are made, the solution can be easily adapted at any time. On your own or by our experts. Quickly, securely and often even remotely. In any case, always smoothly. And very efficiently. Right from the start. And in the future.

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