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Authentication solutions for a smart sharing fleet.

The change that the mobility industry has already been facing for several years is stronger than ever before. For example, sharing models for cars, bicycles and e-scooters are becoming increasingly popular, especially in metropolitan areas. The operators of sharing services are being held accountable by lawmakers: to ensure road safety, they simply must be able to make sure that users of their services have the appropriate qualifications, such as a driver's license. In addition, the security of sensitive customer and payment data must also be ensured at all times to prevent misuse by unauthorized persons. Other challenges include adaptability to new customer needs, changing technical requirements or new vehicles. And the stability and reliability of the technology at the borrowing and return station and all connected software systems also play a central role. Last but not least, convenience is also crucial to success: only a fast and uncomplicated solution will be accepted by customers. 

Secure and easily customizable authentication solutions via radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) can help overcome these challenges. A smartphone or membership card is all that is needed to enable reliable, secure and convenient authentication at any time, which also facilitates billing —regardless of whether the business model provides for subscriptions or individual billing per trip. In addition, this also makes it easy to track the usage and driving behavior of end-users, which is a decisive advantage for any bonus programs. But it also facilitates documentation in the event of potential traffic accidents.

Easy to implement and adaptable at any time

To satisfy your customers in the long term as a provider of sharing services, you need reliable systems that identify, for example, who is currently unlocking and using which bike, car or e-scooter. With a modern authentication solution, you also get valuable tracking data and can connect the system to payment and membership management systems.

How can I benefit from a smart authentication solution for my sharing services?


A solution for every need.

No matter whether your company offers sharing services for cars, bicycles or e-scooters: modern authentication solutions offer you maximum future and planning security for your fleet. Thanks to their simple and cost-effective adaptability as well as their reliability, ELATEC readers easily enable you to always stay up to date with the latest technology and thus respond quickly to changing customer needs or new technical requirements. They also ensure that you no longer have to worry about smooth technical processes. And possible concerns about misuse of your vehicles or the security of customer data are also a thing of the past thanks to our high security standards.

Benefit from a universal, unique solution package of product, software and service that works worldwide and gives you maximum flexibility. Together, we set everything up to meet your current needs. If changes are made, the solution can be easily adapted at any time. Either on your own or by our experts. Quickly, securely and often even remotely. Smoothly and efficiently. Now and in the future.

Speaking of service: ELATEC is always there for you. With conscientious needs analysis and holistic consulting, so that you get the optimal solution for your requirements. With technical expertise during implementation in your individual system landscape. With lightning-fast, competent response when you have questions and need advice. And with a unique support portfolio during operation. Worldwide. That's a promise.

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Benefit from a well-thought-out overall package.

ELATEC offers you a customized solution for your individual requirements. And that with maximum flexibility and a consistently high safety standard. No matter what requirements you are faced with in the future: ELATEC's solutions can be easily and cost-effectively adapted at any time and are also extremely versatile. If you are active in the commuter market, for example, your customers can use the same card that they use for public transport to borrow vehicles. What's more, you can be confident that only authorized persons have access to your vehicles and that customer data is protected from misuse at all times. That's because RFID cards and smartphone apps provide unique identification of each user, not only preventing unauthorized access, but also enabling precise tracking of who was on the road with your car, bike or e-scooter, when and for how long. This simplifies and improves billing, customer management and tracking of consumer behavior. At the same time, end customers benefit from maximum convenience: only the smartphone or membership card is needed for the borrowing or return process. The slim design also makes the readers easy to install, and the solution can be easily integrated into your existing backend systems for user management and payment—even with individual customization requirements.

Which technology is best suited for my requirements?

Are you about to implement a uniform overall solution for your sharing fleet and wondering which technologies are best suited to your needs? No problem! Universal readers from ELATEC are able to read RFID as well as BLE and NFC signals, offering maximum flexibility. This means that both smartphones and cards can be used as identification media, even in parallel. You can make the decision individually for each application and target group—and simply change it if necessary. Your needs. Your customized solution.            

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