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Transponder technology

The TWN MultiTech: An all-in-one RFID reader family for all transponder protocols

What is TWN MultiTech?

There are many manufacturers and providers of RFID transponder technologies. The protocols through which they communicate are just as varied and different. Technically, a different RFID reader is required for each of these protocols. But with TWN MultiTech, we have developed a technology that can be used to read all of the world’s most common transponder protocols at the same time. TWN MultiTech is the basis for our versatile and powerful RFID readers/writers.

RFID readers with TWN MultiTech are only available from ELATEC!

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What are the benefits of TWN MultiTech?

Thanks to TWN MultiTech, you can effortlessly use our all-in-one RFID readers around the world. We have implemented the following features.

Our readers are available as OEM modules for integration and/or as desktop units with a housing.

Support for all frequency ranges and transmission types in one device: low (125/134.2 kHz) and high frequency (13.56 MHz), NFC and BLE.

Readers with TWN MultiTech read more than 60 RFID technologies at the same time.

The devices have received technical approvals throughout the world.

They can be individually configured without changing the configuration of the main application (host).

Scripting and firmware of the readers can be updated as needed in the field.

There are numerous tools for software development with documentation.

We offer rapid support for inquiries and service requests.

Technology model

What is the technology model for TWN MultiTech?

There are three firmware options for TWN MultiTech: Standard, Option P and Option PI. Different transponder technologies are supported depending on the option. Option P includes the transponder protocols of the Standard option. Option PI includes both Standard and Option P.


Which transponder technologies does TWN MultiTech support?

Our RFID readers with TWN MultiTech read the following transponder protocols.

Low frequency (125 & 134.2 kHz):

  • AWID


  • Cardax

  • Cotag

  • Deister

  • EM4026

  • EM4050

  • EM4100

  • EM4102

  • EM4105

  • EM4126

  • EM4150

  • EM4200

  • EM4205

  • EM4305

  • EM4450

  • EM4469

  • EM4550

  • EM4569

  • FDX-B

  • G-Prox

  • HID DuoProx II (1336)

  • HID ISO Prox II (1386)

  • HID Micro Prox (1391)

  • HID ProxKey III (1346)

  • HID Prox

  • HID Prox II (1326)

  • HITAG 1

  • HITAG 2


  • Indala

  • ioProx

  • Keri

  • Miro

  • Nedap

  • Nexwatch

  • Pyramid

  • Q5

  • T5557

  • T5567

  • T5577


  • TITAN (EM4050)




New technologies are constantly being added.

High frequency (13.56 MHz):


  • LEGIC Prime
  • MIFARE Classic
  • MIFARE Classic EV1
  • MIFARE Mini
  • MIFARE Plus S
  • MIFARE Plus X
  • MIFARE Pro X
  • MIFARE Smart MX
  • MIFARE Ultralight
  • MIFARE Ultralight C
  • MIFARE Ultralight EV1
  • NTAG2xx
  • PayPass
  • SLE44R35
  • SLE66Rxx (my-d move)



  • Calypso
  • Moneo
  • Pico Pass
  • SRI4K
  • SRIX4K
  • SRI512
  • SRT512



  • NFC Forum Tag 1-5
  • NFC Peer-to-Peer
  • Sony FeliCa



  • EM4x33
  • EM4x35
  • LEGIC Advant
  • LEGIC Prime
  • M24LR16/64
  • MB89R118/119
  • SRF55Vxx (my-d vicinity)
  • Tag-it

What product approvals and certifications do the ELATEC readers have?

ELATEC RFID readers/writers are approved and certified for use in many countries. This is our guarantee that they meet national legal standards and comply with radio, ESD and security regulations.

  • CE (Europa)
  • FCC (USA)
  • SRRC (China)
  • IC (Kanada)
  • RCM (Australien)
  • R-NZ (Neuseeland)
  • MIC (Japan)
  • KCC (Südkorea)
  • ANATEL (Brasilien)
  • IFT, NOM (Mexico)
  • ICASA (Südafrika)
  • EAC (Russland)

The certifications ensure the uncomplicated sale and use of our RFID readers around the world. You no longer have to worry about obtaining the relevant certification yourself. In the event your preferred RFID reader is not yet properly certified, we will assist you with certification. We are also ready to help should our RFID devices or modules be already installed in customer solutions.

For additional information about current product certifications for certain RFID devices, please contact our sales team.


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