Overview, advantages,
implementation The Reliable Safety Solution for Bike and Scooter Sharing

With an RFID solution, user identification runs smoothly, and you receive valuable tracking data and can connect to payment and membership management systems.

Your customers will also love the convenience of RFID: lending, return and payment are secure, uncomplicated and reliable.

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Solutions for the future of bike and scooter sharing.

To ensure that you, as an urban mobility provider, satisfy your customers in the long term, you need reliable systems that identify, for example, who is currently unlocking and using which bike or scooter. Safety, efficiency, flexibility and comfort are crucial for taking a leading position in a highly competitive market—and for defending it.

Learn why RFID is ideal for personal identification and bike or scooter release - and how you and your customers will benefit daily.

In this comprehensive whitepaper, you will find all the facts and relevant market information—including a bike-sharing case study from Paris.

Want to be sure that your individual needs and requirements are met? Then find out about compatibility and future-proofing. The whitepaper has the answers to your questions.

Read the whitepaper to learn how mobility providers and customers alike can benefit from RFID.

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