Theoretical knowledge
and practical application User Authentication and Access Control for Material Handling Equipment

Make sure only trained and authorized drivers can access forklifts and other warehouse equipment.

Protect workers and capital equipment.

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Smart authentication solutions for warehouse safety, compliance and behavioral tracking.

Powered material handling equipment such as forklifts, cranes, scissor lifts and industrial trucks are expensive to buy and maintain. They can also be serious safety risks if untrained personnel are allowed to operate them. That’s why user authentication and access control are essential to protect both workers and equipment.

Learn why RFID solutions are unbeatable in practical use: they protect your organization's investment and increase its competitiveness.

RFID and emerging smartphone-based authentication technologies are safer, easier to manage and more secure than physical keys or password/PIN systems for material handling equipment. Authorized drivers can get instant access to the equipment they need with the wave of an ID badge, fob or smartphone, while unauthorized drivers are locked out. This ensures compliance with safety regulations, prevents theft and unauthorized use, and reduces the risk of property damage or injury caused by untrained operators.

Plus, these technologies can be easily integrated with time-and-attendance and telematics systems to enable monitoring of driver behavior behind the wheel.

This whitepaper explains the advantages of RFID for material handling equipment. You’ll learn why forward-thinking original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and telematics providers for forklifts and other warehouse equipment are integrating RFID into their solutions for their customers.

Read the whitepaper to learn how RFID improves warehouse safety and protects capital equipment.

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