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Benefits of Machine Authentication via RFID

Wherever expensive machines have to perform reliably at full capacity—even in dust, heat and dirt—RFID ensures that operation and control run smoothly.

Good for your employees and your capital goods.

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Avoid standstills and disruptions. Cost-conscious, with maximum safety.

Anyone who has valuable machines in operation must be prepared on various fronts, because their failure or destruction would have fatal consequences. The goods must be handled correctly to the maximum extent possible and, of course, all safety regulations must be complied with. And this is where RFID comes into play: because with RFID, user identification and access control function reliably and smoothly.

Learn why RFID solutions are unbeatable in practical use: they protect your organization's investment and increase its competitiveness.

You have the certainty that the machines are only used by those who are allowed and able to do so. When you register, the system automatically checks whether the employee’s operating certificates are still up to date. And since you always know who has accessed what, and when and where, your documentation is complete and incorruptible.

The white paper explains the advantages of RFID machine authentication using many examples. After all, ease of implementation in daily operations is crucial—whether in access control for expensive robot-supported systems or in administrative work.

Personalized access control and monitoring are the key success factors, and anyone reading the white paper will know exactly what they are doing.

Read the white paper to learn how RFID can help your business stay green—today and in the future.


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