Modernizing physical access control for high-security applications Trade FIDES: A Smooth Migration to Higher Security

Trade FIDES needed a universal RFID reader that supported both legacy and modern transponder technologies and met military-level security requirements. The TWN4 MultiTech Nano delivered.

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  • A military client needed to modernize access control systems to meet modern security standards.
  • To support a smooth migration, the system needed to read both the legacy LF and new HF technologies. It also needed to be flexible enough to support new requirements in the future, such as BLE and NFC.
  • The reader had to support advanced encryption suitable for military applications and meet the ISO 14443 contactless card standard.


  • Trade FIDES integrated the ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech Nano into their ASSET 6XX access control systems.
  • The reader supports all common 125 kHz and -13.56 MHz RFID technologies as well as NFC and BLE.
  • It can be easily updated via a contactless CONFIG card or remote configuration.


  • The “universal” TWN4 Nano enabled their client to support both legacy and new transponder technologies in parallel, allowing for an easier transition between technologies.
  • Their military client was able to modernize their access systems using advanced encryption to protect sensitive locations, data and equipment.
  • The solution is “future proof”; as the client adopts new technologies or security requirements, the powerful API allows the reader to evolve along with client needs.

Success story

Trade FIDES has provided cutting-edge integrated security solutions for their military clients for many years. In addition to monitoring, alarm and CCTV systems, FIDES has developed their own solution for physical access control (PAC) called “ASSET.” It controls access to protected areas, equipment and information based on defined access rights. Their legacy PAC solution for the Czech Armed Forces was built on older low-frequency (LF) technologies that no longer meet today’s military security requirements. Trade FIDES needed an easy way to migrate their client from legacy technologies to a newer, high-frequency (HF) standard that enabled a higher degree of security.

A Smooth Modernization Process for Access Control

Trade FIDES selected the TWN4 MultiTech Nano to replace their existing readers in their ASSET 6XX access control systems. Now, their PAC system supports all RFID standards in addition to BLE and NFC. This enabled their military client to transition easily to the new technology, as both legacy LF technologies and new HF technologies can be used in parallel during the rollout.

A High Level of Security

The TWN4 MultiTech Nano supports advanced encryption for an extended layer of security. The card readers are suitable for use in Intrusion & Hold-up Alarm Systems (I&HAS) and physical access control systems with strict security requirements. RFID readers may be used in conjunction with biometric systems for the highest level of security.

TWN4 Multitech Nano: A Universal Solution for High-Security Applications

The TWN4 MultiTech Nano met all of their requirements. The compact reader is easy to integrate into OEM devices and supports all common 125 kHz and -13.56 MHz RFID technologies as well as NFC and BLE. It also meets the ISO 14443 contactless card standard. With easy reconfiguration options for installed readers, the TWN4 Nano will meet the needs of their clients for years to come.  

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