Authentication solutions
for elevators What you need to know

Increase the security of your buildings by only allowing people access to floors for which they are authorized.

Convenience for employees, tenants and visitors: combine RFID cards and smartphone apps into one universal solution.

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The elevator that knows its way aroundSecure and convenient user authentication and access control

Whether in corporate or public office buildings, hotels, hospitals or residential complexes: in many buildings, it is important to regulate who may enter which floor. Modern systems that combine user authentication and access control can help here, restricting access to elevators or floors on the basis of a user profile.

Manufacturers of elevator systems and building managers need a solution that ensures the security of buildings and facilities while enabling easy management of access authorizations. Universal systems offer the perfect combination of security and convenience: they allow users to be easily identified with an RFID card or smartphone and also enable the implementation of a holistic security solution.

This white paper shows the advantages that a universal access system for elevators offers building managers, manufacturers and users in terms of convenience, security and administrative effort. In addition, you will learn which criteria need to be considered for the successful implementation of a future-proof solution.

Read the white paper to learn how you can benefit from an elevator access control system —and what factors to consider when implementing a universal solution.

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