Access. With just an iPhone. Available with the ELATEC Mobile Credential Manager

Smart office building with mobile authentication

Their iPhone is now their key.

With employee badges in Apple Wallet, staff and guests can easily access their corporate spaces with just their iPhone or Apple Watch—from doors and elevators to turnstiles, printers, and more. Employees just need to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader to unlock. It’s easy, convenient, and private.

Add your employee badge in a few quick steps.

Open your ELATEC access app on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Find your employee badge, and tap Add to Apple Wallet. Then use your iPhone or Apple Watch to access your office space, use a printer, and more.

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ELATEC reader and Apple Wallet

ELATEC readers + Apple Wallet

What do you get when ELATEC’s unparalleled universal readers are matched with employee badge in Apple Wallet? A peerless access solution that’s as easy to use as it is secure. ELATEC's Mobile Credential Manager is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of existing ELATEC access control hardware to ensure a smooth transition to employee badge in Apple Wallet.

Here's what sets us apart.

Experience & Expertise

ELATEC has been leading the way in user authentication and access control for 35+ years and brings unparalleled expertise to the table.

Product portfolio

We offer the perfect combination of robust hardware and powerful reader software, adaptable to a broad range of access use cases.

Seamless integration

Our hardware integrates beautifully into your security concept and access system and enables easy configuration and customization.

Unmatched services

Our access experts are here for you throughout your implementation, from ideation to post-implementation support.

Worldwide reach

With 19 global offices and partners around the world, we are here to support you, wherever you are.

Yes, most ELATEC readers are compatible with the employee badge in Apple Wallet. They can be used for various purposes within your office, such as access control and printing. These readers enable the employee badge in Apple Wallet as a single access point to all services, simplifying your interaction with office resources.

Employee badge in Apple Wallet is integrated with the Mobile Credential Manager dashboard, which offers an intuitive interface for managing employee credentials. As an administrator, you can easily oversee all employee badges and have the capability to suspend (freeze) or cancel (revoke) them directly from the dashboard. This feature ensures you have full control over who has access to your facilities and when.

There's no need to worry if your device needs to be charged. With power reserve, employee badge in Apple Wallet allows your iPhone to maintain access for up to five hours, even when it needs a charge. This ensures that you can still enter your office or use services without compromising on security or convenience, always providing peace of mind.

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