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Safetrust Wallet Touchless identity, seamless access

Safetrust is fully integrated into the ELATEC DevPack infrastructure and can be configured for the reader as simply as a traditional RFID transponder. Any reader from the TWN4 family that has BLE capabilities is immediately Safetrust compatible.

Safetrust credentials and subscriptions can be purchased via ELATEC – please contact your sales representative for more details.

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Safetrust Wallet stores unlimited credentials in one secure location to give you hands-free access wherever you need it.

Supports your legacy credentials and works seamlessly with your existing system — migrate to touchless access smoothly

Safetrust supports most existing RFID card credentials. By enabling support for both plastic and mobile credentials, organizations can migrate to virtual credentials at their own pace.

About Safetrust

The Safetrust Wallet for iOS and Android holds your secure virtual identity, providing touchless access to your premises, resources, and more.

With end-to-end encryption and ultra-fast access, Safetrust provides a modern, secure way to give employees, tenants and visitors streamlined authentication for secure print, desktop logon, secure office access, parking garages, turnstiles and more.

Product Features

Product Features

Works on any ELATEC TWN4 reader with BLE functionality

Credentials can be purchased via ELATEC

Configurable activation ranges for auto-authenticating and disconnection, meaning your mobile device never needs to leave your pocket

Reduce deployment time with one simple app that’s easy to deploy and intuitive to use

Safetrust is scalable, remotely upgradeable and leverages industry standards for interoperability

Can be configured for individual environments with adjustable connection and disconnection range

Tap to Logon/Tap to Logoff

Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

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Safetrust - Touchless Identity, Seamless Access
Safetrust - Computer
Safetrust - Busy Office
Safetrust - Printer
Safetrust - Entering Office

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