Authentication Solutions by ELATEC

Overview, advantages,
implementation Reliable and Future-proof Access Control

If you need to control and manage the access of people to your premises, buildings or security areas, RFID is the ideal solution.

Safe and convenient.

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The scope of application for access control is wide: in companies, not every employee should be allowed to go in and out everywhere, and hotels or health care facilities do not want to allow everyone in all areas. More and more often, a reliable access solution is needed. This whitepaper will show you what this could look like with RFID.

Whenever only authorized persons should have access - but with maximum convenience, without slowing down - then the magic word is RFID.

In these eight pages, you will learn why universal RFID readers are particularly suitable if, for example, you are planning to buy or rent a building or offices with existing authentication and access control. The secret here is called universal device—and anyone who reads the white paper will know about it.

In short: With RFID, only the person you want to let in will get in. Whether by barrier, turnstile or elevator. Unauthorized persons stay outside.

The white paper shows why RFID is the optimal solution if you don't want to give tenants, employees, customers or guests equal access everywhere.

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