Whitepaper for Physical Access Control Secure, reliable solutions to protect physical locations and assets

The world of physical access control (PAC) is changing: More applications. Changing access technologies. And evolving security threats. Download the whitepaper to learn how you can protect people, places and physical assets with a modern PAC solution.

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What’s new in physical access control?

Physical access control (PAC) is essential anywhere you want to limit the people who can enter, open or utilize a physical asset, whether it’s a room, a supply cabinet or a piece of equipment. While Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) badges have long been used for building access, modern PAC systems also include many “beyond the door” applications, including elevators, meeting rooms, secure areas, and physical assets such as production machinery, printers and other devices. At the same time, a growing number of organizations are exploring smartphone-based credentialing systems for PAC based on Near-Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE).

Whenever only authorized persons should have access - but with maximum convenience, without slowing down - then the magic word is RFID.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to implement a universal PAC solution that is flexible, future-proof and adaptable to changing client needs. We explore the evolving world of PAC, including:

  • The use of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and smartphone-based credentialing systems for physical access applications, and how to choose the best transponder technology for your security requirements.
  • Emerging cyberthreats and evolving security standards for PAC, including the use of encryption and MFA.
  • The benefits of a unified access system that includes both locations and physical assets.
  • Considerations in PAC system design and what to look for in an RFID reader for physical access control.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to implement a modern, unified physical access control system based on secure RFID/NFC.

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