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RFID solutions for kiosk and cabinet systems, lockers and ticketing

If you provide kiosk systems with a locker or dispensing systems or mobile ticketing, you can benefit from RFID in several ways. Users can take easy advantage of your service 24/7, and you maximize your return by making your information or service available all the time. At the same time, you’ll lower costs by reducing staff.

And you’ll boost customer loyalty by offering them simple, convenient processes.

Discover why ELATEC delivers the optimal solution

Your benefits for vending machine and payment systems

Whether you run an internal or public software application for company employees, clinic staff, users of smart locker or dispensing systems, or customers using a ticketing system...

...RFID solutions give you and your customers maximum convenience and security with minimum expense and effort.

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RFID solutions give you and your customers maximum convenience and security.

How you benefit from RFID solutions from ELATEC for kiosk systems


Users have availability with information for making payments; accessing secured tools, software or materials; and using personalized services. All without the stress of keys, complicated PIN authorization or frustration from a lack of small change.


Only authorized persons will be granted access. That’s a must, especially for dispensing or locking systems. What’s more, certain software settings provide controlled operation and usage and thereby prevent misuse.

Sales potential

Boost sales potential by offering your services at times and places that were not previously available or required extra personnel for information. Expand further by offering additional services to give you a clear competitive edge.


Thanks to their small size, the readers are easy to install, even in small spaces such as ticketing systems in buses. System integration is seamless, and software solutions can be customized to meet your needs.

Full service

ELATEC is always there for you with precise information on needs analysis and comprehensive support so you get the optimal solution for your requirements; technical expertise for implementing your individual system landscape, instant and expert responses when you have questions or need advice; and a unique support portfolio in operation. Worldwide. Guaranteed.


ELATEC offers a universal, unique solution package consisting of a product, software, and service that works worldwide and gives you maximum flexibility. We’ll work with you to set up everything to meet your current needs. When changes become necessary, the solution is easy to modify. You can do it yourself or let our experts help with service that is fast, secure and often remote, if the infrastructure allows it. Either way, it's trouble free and highly efficient right from the start and in the future.

We quote...

With ELATEC there is a reliable Made-in-Germany player on the market.

ELATEC drives the exchange from insecure transponder technologies to secure solutions within only a swipe of a card.

Jonas Lenz

CEO, idVation GmbH

You have questions. We have answers.

One of the most important advantages for your customers is that they can track the users of their kiosk systems—i.e., know exactly who did what and when—from ticket purchase to product withdrawal to the retrieval of specific information. This usage data helps your customers to optimally manage their inventory, enjoy full cost transparency and understand exactly what the end users want.

A further advantage for your customers is that they can determine exactly what each user is and is not allowed to do on the RFID card or with a mobile credential. The individual programming is reliable and absolutely secure.

But the advantages for the end users are also impressive: RFID authentication offers maximum ease of use, simple handling and maximum security. To carry out the desired action, the user simply pulls his or her card or mobile phone past the reader, and voila! Gone are the days when users had to remember a PIN or password or carry cash or a credit card with them to carry out certain actions.

And last, but not least, contactless authentication is a big advantage: the user authenticates himself without contact, absolutely hygienically and securely. This is becoming increasingly important in times when virus sensitivity is growing worldwide.


Very simple: because our universal RFID readers are the best and most flexible on the market. Thanks to their architecture and open API, they can be optimally adapted to your specific application situation in terms of software: everything works exactly as your kiosk system requires it, as your users want it, and as safety regulations require. In addition, our products can be easily set up remotely: i.e., an update is installed simultaneously on all systems, no matter where in the world the terminals are located to save you time and money.

Above all, our devices are compatible with all common transponder technologies, currently more than 60 worldwide, plus BLE and NFC for smartphones. And you probably don't have to worry about national idiosyncrasies, either: our readers are certified in over 110 countries.

In short, with an ELATEC solution, you reduce the complexity of operation thanks to the simplest handling, keep the lifecycle costs as low as possible, and yet at the same time be prepared for all future developments in order to keep your kiosk systems always up to date.

Quite simply, because an RFID solution is significantly better than all other options.

Compared to password & PIN: Forgetting or losing your password or PIN is a huge weakness that unfortunately happens all too often to many users. But the systems also carry risks; the danger of being hacked is great. With an RFID solution, you are on the safe side. Your IT department will thank you for it, and also your users, because they no longer have the stress of remembering their password or PIN or keeping it safe.

Compared to magnetic strips: The cheap magnetic strips are easily broken and are very susceptible to early signs of wear. Another problem: if users use them despite damage, they can put your entire kiosk system out of operation. RFID cards, on the other hand, are more robust and do not contain any personal, sensitive data that could be lost or provide hackers with points of attack.

Compared to biometric solutions: Biometric authentication can be very efficient in practice. However, as a fingerprint solution, for example, it is not very hygienic, and as far as facial recognition is concerned, there is still a great deal of confusion about privacy and data protection. In contrast, an RFID solution using smartphone authentication at the kiosk, for example, is super convenient, works without contact and is very hygienic. The user simply has to load an app onto the smartphone, and that's it—no card to lose, no PIN to remember.


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