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RFID & Wireless IoT
TOMORROW 2021 October 20 - 21, 2021 | Wiesbaden

Join us for Europe’s largest event for RFID and wireless IoT technologies! With both in-person and virtual events, RFID and wireless IoT tomorrow 2021  brings together users, integrators and developers to explore the latest RFID and IoT innovations for Industry 4.0, healthcare, retail, logistics, security and the Smart City. ELATEC will be there to share our expertise and showcase new solutions for RFID and smartphone authentication.  

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Focus on Mobile Credentials and RFID for Healthcare, Retail and Industry

Demand is rising for smartphone-based user identification and access control. ELATEC readers now support mobile credentials for both iOS and Android. Stop by our booth (in person or virtually) to learn how you can embed BLE or NFC capabilities into your application. Plus, learn how we’re applying RFID and smartphone solutions to drive productivity and improve safety and security in healthcare, retail and more.

Don’t miss this!Secure Access Solutions for Smart Hospitals and Offices
Presented by Burhan Gündüz, Global Vice President for Secure Printing Applications
14:30 - 14:50 CET, Thursday, October 21 2021

See how future-focused hospitals are implementing RFID to transform access control for medical devices, smart carts and cabinets, and single sign-in (SSO) to business systems and patient record systems. RFID readers let clinicians and staff access everything they need with an RFID card or a smartphone, while keeping unauthorized users out. Learn about authentication technology options, use cases for RFID and smartphone-based user authentication systems within a hospital environment, and how to select the best reader for your application.

Check it out…RFID for Retail: Operator Recognition in Consumer Goods Sales
Presented by Johannes Weil, Head of Industry Europe
10:00 - 10:20 CET, Wednesday, October 20 2021

RFID makes it easy to link people to sales processes. A unique encrypted number in an RFID badge or smartphone application can be used to identify a unique operator and link them to sales transactions and sales processes. Learn how you can integrate RFID into the retail environment, and what to look for in a reader for consumer goods sales. 

Featured Products

Visit us at booth 25 to see our most exciting products! Here’s some of the cool stuff we’re featuring at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow:

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Our top experts will be waiting for you at our booth! Stop in for a demo or to chat about specific RFID solutions for your applications. We are here to answer all your questions. We are here to answer all your questions. Stop by our booth 25 or set up an individual appointment.

Denis Kim

Denis Kim

Corporate Vice President Sales EMEA & Japan

Meet Denis and find out what makes our products so special!

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Burhan Gündüz

Burhan Gündüz

Global Vice President for Secure Printing Applications

If you need advice how to develop the best things on the planet... he is your guy!

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Johannes Weil

Johannes Weil

Head of Industry Europe

Johannes is here for you for all your RFID needs. Meet him at our booth!

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