Authentication solutions for remote work

The option of being able to freely decide where to work is a decisive factor for many employees when choosing a job today. If employers want to attract skilled workers, they must therefore create the conditions for convenient remote access and at the same time take measures to ensure the security of data and networks. Single sign-on (SSO)/PC logon systems that combine middleware with RFID (radio frequency identification) or mobile technologies for user authentication can make an important contribution here.

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Better work-life balance is one of the benefits of remote work that helps companies create happier employees. But the fact that employees are not physically present in the office brings challenges in terms of cybersecurity. For example, when working on the go, it is not clear from the outset who is sitting in front of the computer. Therefore, checking the identity of employees—i.e., authentication—is particularly important in this case. Otherwise, there is an increased risk that unauthorized persons can access company data and networks.

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