Log4j Update:
No Impact on
ELATEC Devices or Software

Not only the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recently warned of a critical threat in the widely-used “Log4j” Java library. In fact, this is a major global IT issue. We have conducted an audit of our software and devices and can report that no ELATEC hardware and software products have been found to be affected by the Log4j/log4shell vulnerability. These findings cover all of the listed products below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our tech support team. The security of our solutions is always our priority.

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ELATEC core products:

All reader products of the families TWN3 and TWN4, as module (PCB) and with housing

TCPConv, TCPConv 2, TCP3



DevPack, all Tools like: AppBlaster, Director, CCID driver, TWN3 HID driver, Flash Tool


XaaS Solution:

PDC Pass Deployment Center


ELATEC Systems:

Productlines Xward, Xtime, Xpass, Xpass+, Xward

Controller Accessories/Tools: X2C Client, Admin


Mobile Apps:

Mobile Badge App

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