Secure printing: The foundation of multi-layered security

The hybrid work environment has expanded the exploitable attack surface, and multiple layers of security are required to protect it from external and internal threats. Implementing secure print solutions is an easy way to ensure neither network data nor printed documents fall into the wrong hands. RFID readers and mobile authentication technology solutions help organisations implement secure print policies and seamlessly enable user authentication across multiple identification platforms.

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The expanded threat landscape

Businesses of all sizes are facing a rising tsunami of cybersecurity risks. In today’s cloud- and AI-driven hybrid work era, the threat landscape is complex and constantly evolving, with new, more sophisticated cyber threats emerging daily – whether these involve malware, phishing, or ransomware attacks. Meanwhile, security teams are dealing with a whole new raft of security threats, misconfigured access points, weak passwords, lack of identity and access management (IAM), and failure to use multi-factor authentication.

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