The perfect
RFID reader Software and service are the secrets to success

There are many RFID readers on the market. The companies that gain competitive advantages are those that offer more than just technology.

Because a perfect solution consists not only of the hardware, but also flexible and powerful software as well as manufacturer support to quickly and easily answer questions from the security manager.

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There are many requirements for access systems, which must constantly change and be updated, even in quieter times: The task is no longer just to unlock a door for authorized employees, for example, but to link them to other more complex functions such as time recording.

End users also sometimes use a new card technology. Or, increasing security needs require different encryption or new security features for identification management purposes.

These digital challenges of access control and authentication present companies with large and complex challenges. However, most decision-makers or building managers lack the time and often the expertise to come up with appropriate solutions.

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