TOP performance
RFID is only possible with superior software

Companies using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) now have a powerful new development kit from ELATEC. The newest version of ELATEC’s industry leading DevPack software offers several new functions for ELATEC RFID readers that make it even easier for customers to implement their RFID projects. In terms of security, flexibility and sustainability, this is the most advanced and comprehensive software on the market.

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The New DevPack closes Gateway

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a convenient and adaptable solution for contactless identity verification. It has been widely adopted for user authentication and access control for a broad range of applications, including building  access, secure printing, vending, car and bike share applications, and more. But if RFID readers are not kept up to date with the latest security requirements, they can become a gateway for unauthorized access. That's why RFID software must always be updated with the latest security patches. Updates may also be needed to address emerging technologies or introduce new functionality, such as the ability to read Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or NFC mobile credentials.  ELATEC GmbH is particularly innovative in this respect. Their DevPack has long been known for its configurability, allowing manufacturers to adapt ELATEC readers for a broad range of applications. In August, the Puchheim-based RFID hardware developer put  a new DevPack on its website for download. It provides the most advanced software capabilities in the industry.

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