Machine Operator Authentication Why knowing "who" matters

Secure and reliable machine authentication provides the data manufacturers need to enable process and workforce optimization.

Learn why "who" matters in machine operation and how factories can use machine authentication to drive quality control, cost efficiencies, safety and compliance.

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Workforce and Process Optimization Through Machine AuthenticationSmart authentication solutions for industrial equipment, robots and machines

"Who" is often the missing link in manufacturing data—but understanding operator identity is the key to enabling data-driven decisions in the modern factory. Machine authentication allows plants to track worker activity at a granular level within the production environment and ensures that only trained, authorized operators can access machine controls.

Workforce and Process Optimization Through Machine Authentication

In this whitepaper, we explore how operator data can be used to better understand per-unit labor costs, workforce utilization, operator efficiency and quality metrics, and other key indicators. Learn how forward-thinking manufacturers use machine operator data to optimize plant processes, make workforce training and staffing decisions, and improve the production floor's security, safety and compliance. Plus, how to implement machine authentication using the RFID badges or mobile devices workers already carry, and best practices in implementing a machine authentication solution.

Read the whitepaper to learn how companies and building managers can benefit from a unified access system for all physical and digital applications - and what factors to consider when implementing a universal solution.

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