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Accessing the Smart Campus Physical and digital access solutions for higher education

Campus security, safety and convenience depend on reliable user authentication and access control.

A universal access system for higher education simplifies life for students, faculty, and IT while protecting people, places and data. Learn how it works.   

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Enabling access for higher educationFrom physical locations and campus amenities to digital tools and networks

Colleges and universities need to provide easy access to locations, educational resources and campus amenities for students, faculty and staff. At the same time, they must ensure the physical safety of campus residents and visitors, control access to locations and physical assets, and safeguard data and networks. The right access solution balances user convenience and simplicity with physical and digital security requirements.

User authentication for higher education encompasses many different applications, including physical access control for classrooms and dorms, lockers and kiosks, shared printers and computer workstations, campus transportation, and digital applications such as the learning management system (LMS) and online curricula. A universal access system gives students and staff access to everything they need with one credential.

This whitepaper explores the uses of access technology across the Smart Campus and the benefits of a unified access control system for security, convenience, sustainability, and efficiency. It also discusses how colleges and universities can build a scalable, versatile access system that supports a variety of access technologies, including traditional student and faculty ID badges and smartphone-based authentication systems.

Read the whitepaper to learn how colleges and universities can benefit from a unified access system for all physical and digital applications—and what factors to consider when implementing a universal solution.

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