User Authentication
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When it comes to filling up with electricity, original equipment manufacturers, operators and users of charging stations benefit equally from intelligent solutions for user authentication and access control.

It all depends on the application! Choose between RFID cards, smartphone apps and combined solutions.

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EV charging made easy - with the right access control solutionCharging electric vehicles safely and conveniently with RFID card, smartphone app or hybrid solutions

The number of electric vehicles on the roads is growing continuously worldwide. Accordingly, the need for powerful charging infrastructure that integrates both user authentication and access control is also increasing: Operators need solutions that simultaneously ensure protection against unauthorised use of the charging stations and simple management of authorisations and payments. In addition, the charging processes must be convenient for the users.

The demand for safety and convenience applies to all charging processes. But the charging scenarios themselves differ considerably: building operators provide exclusive charging facilities for their tenants. Cities set up public charging points. Fleet vehicles of companies or organisations must be able to be charged on site. Each charging scenario requires an individual solution for user authentication and access control. 

This white paper highlights the different challenges that charging infrastructure operators need to solve in terms of user authentication and access control. It outlines how OEMs can support operators by equipping charging stations with appropriate readers that handle both RFID and BLE/NFC. You will also learn how to use RFID cards and smartphone-based solutions to meet the security requirements for refuelling electricity.

Read the white paper to find out how operators and OEMs are using BLE / NFC and RFID to implement user authentication and access control solutions. 

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