A Customized Solution for Factory Automation

Factory environments create challenges for RFID readers—including metallic elements that inhibit read range and exposure to heat, solvents and lubricants. United Access Ltd. collaborated with ELATEC to jointly develop a highly customized industrial RFID reader to support RFID-enabled machine setup and workforce automation. 

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  • Harsh environment including lots of metal, aggressive solvents and lubricants.
  • Metallic environment interferes with RFID, inhibiting reliable reads.
  • Needed to integrate with an industrial computer running Beckhoff control software using an RS485 protocol.


  • United Access Ltd. collaborated with ELATEC to jointly develop a custom industrial reader in a specialized housing to stand up to harsh conditions.
  • United Access created custom firmware and a new communication protocol to support seamless integration with the industrial computer and machine control software.
  • United Access also developed a specialized extra-long (7-12 m.) antenna was to support reliable read of LF tags in a metallic environment


  • The solution supports accurate and reliable reads of tool properties stored on an LF tag for dynamic machine calibration and workforce automation.
  • The system improves efficiency and quality control by eliminating the need to manually enter machine parameters.

Success story

A precision steel product manufacturer needed a robust reader for an RFID-assisted production system that would stand up to the rigors of the factory floor. Their machine systems rely on LF tags to set machine parameters dynamically based on precision measurements stored on the tag. A custom industrial reader enabled reliable reads of LF tags even in a harsh industrial environment.

A Custom Industrial Reader for Harsh Factory Environments

United Access created a customized, heavy-duty industrial reader that leveraged an ELATEC reader designed specifically for OEM integration (since replaced by the updated TWN4 MultiTech Nano M). They created a custom housing built to withstand exposure to aggressive solvents and lubricants. The solution also required custom firmware and development of a new communication protocol to support integration with an industrial computer running Beckhoff control software. An extra-long (7-12 m.) antenna enables accurate reads of LF tags even when surrounded by metal. In this use case, up to seven readers can be combined with different station IDs to a single industrial computer using an RS485 protocol.

Seamless Integration for Dynamic Machine Setup

The industrial reader integrates perfectly with the control system for the precision machinery. The system enables dynamic machine setup based on precise measurements of machine tools that are stored on an LF tag. Instead of manually entering measurements for machine setup, operators simply scan the tag. When the tag is read, the parameters are sent by the machine controls. This speeds up operations and reduces human error in precision steel machining.

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