Machine Operator Authentication
for Process Optimization

Caron Engineering realized that the "who" is typically the missing link in manufacturing data. Understanding operator identity is the key to enabling data-driven decisions in the modern factory. With universal, multi-technology readers from ELATEC, Caron Engineering enables secure, contactless machine access control and is assured of compatibility with their customers existing employee ID badges.

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  • The lack of operator identification in manufacturing data posed a significant challenge for Caron Engineering’s customers, hindering data-driven decisions in the factory
  • Existing access control methods, such as physical keys or shared passwords and PINs, resulted in traceability issues and unauthorized machine access
  • Caron Engineering required a solution to ensure only authorized operators could access equipment and specific software
  • With a shortage of skilled operators, Caron Engineering’s’ customers faced the challenge of providing traceability for reporting and improvement purposes


  • TWN4 Slim reader integrates with Caron Engineering's software, providing operator authentication and logging actions enabling traceability and accountability
  • The reader supports 60+ RFID card technologies, ensuring compatibility with customers existing (and future) employee ID badge technology
  • Slim's open API allows remote reconfiguration and firmware upgrades, meeting evolving security and functionality requirements while enabling touchless operations
  • With the MiConnect software, Slim enables workforce training authorization, safety, and optimized manufacturing processes


  • Authorized employees conveniently use their familiar ID cards, eliminating the need for additional access credentials and reducing administrative burden
  • The comprehensive traceability of the Slim reader with MiConnect software enables effective monitoring of operator activities
  • Detailed information,including the operator, timestamp, and equipment used, is tracked, fostering accountability and facilitating targeted analysis for troubleshooting and process improvement

Success story

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“Our goal is to provide turnkey solutions for our customers to optimize and control their production processes. Machine operator authentication and tracking with ELATEC RFID badge readers helps us do just that.”

– Rob Caron, CEO, Caron Engineering, Inc.

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