Optimized fleet
management with RFID

The TWN4 MultiTech improves the safety and productivity of vehicle fleets worldwide. The flexible RFID reader/writer from ELATEC impresses with its versatile range of possible uses.

The perfect RFID solution for you!


  • The RFID readers/writers have to read a wide range of different card technologies.
  • Robust and temperature-resistant to withstand severe conditions on the road.
  • Easy to configure and remotely updatable to support vehicle fleets spread out across distances.


  • ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech reads more than 60 card technologies.
  • The solid, heat-resistant housing is perfectly designed for the high temperatures in parked vehicles.
  • Thanks to remote configuration, updates can be conveniently installed without on-site technician assistance.


  • Astus has deployed several thousand telematics tracking modules equipped with ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech to satisfied fleet management customers.
  • The ELATEC API (Application Programming Interface) allows Astus to develop comprehensive customer-specific user-authentication solutions beyond simply reading an ID number.

Success story

Only authorized employees may use the vehicles.

The Canadian company Astus develops innovative solutions in fleet management for customers around the world. Integration of RFID readers/writers in the company’s own hardware and software systems enabled them to further optimize the management of commercial vehicle fleets: by monitoring driver performance, improving efficiency and productivity, lowering maintenance and operating costs, supervising safety regulations.

Firmware updates can be installed anytime, no matter where the vehicle is currently located.

Improve safety and lower costs

The RFID readers allow drivers to access vehicles with their employee ID card. Once the driver’s identification and telematics data are linked, it is possible to precisely track when which driver was on the road with which car. The drivers are motivated to demonstrate better behavior, which ultimately results in lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs for the vehicle. For billing purposes, the driver identification information is also sent to the time recording system and payroll.

Remote configuration an absolute must

Because the Astus telematics tracking modules are used worldwide, the RFID readers/writers must support the widest range of card technologies. Especially since some customers use employee IDs with very different technologies. In addition, Astus has developed a program for mobile remote configuration that updates card readers no matter where the vehicle is located. This allows updates to be installed quickly and easily and eliminates costs for manual updates performed by technicians on site.

TWN4 MultiTech impresses with flexibility and versatility

The requirements were quite demanding. But the TWN4 MultiTech from ELATEC completely won over Astus with flexibility and versatility like none other. The RFID reader/writer supports more than 60 card technologies simultaneously and recognizes virtually every card used by customers by means of a unique identification number. Thanks to the ELATEC API, the TWN4 MultiTech is reliable and flexible enough to be integrated into company systems and also supports proprietary software solutions.

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