Universal Mobile Authentication
at Think WIOT Day
on July 7th Elatec Will Present Numerous Application Possibilities in Consumer IoT

How can classic RFID solutions be expanded to include a mobile component for authentication? Whether single sign-on, secure printing, fleet management or access control – mobile authentication can be used for a wide range of applications. Using selected use cases, Janek Grill, Elatec, will focus on the benefits and numerous possibilities of mobile authentication solutions in the lecture "Secure Authentication in the Consumer IoT with RFID and Mobile Devices" on July 7th.

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Access Control via Single Sign-On

"Let's take the example of a single sign-on. Here, an employee logs in via single sign-on to all systems and applications for which he is authorized – right down to the file level. At the same time, access to all other information, especially sensitive background information, is denied," explains Janek Grill. "The reader is attached to, or installed on, the PCs. The ID card is used to identify the employee. Access control for each employee is thus guaranteed."

Mobile Authentication Solution with RFID, BLE and NFC

To expand RFID systems, Elatec offers mobile authentication solutions with which access authorizations can be implemented on mobile end devices, for example. Each user is assigned a unique ID, which is transferred to a reader via BLE or NFC communication. This enables efficient management of access authorizations for specific areas or access to specific processes. All settings are configured according to customer requirements. As a result, classic RFID solutions are extended to include mobile access, for example via smartphone. Concrete use cases as well as application examples and the corresponding solutions will be presented by Janek Grill in the lecture on July 7th.

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