TWN4 MultiTech Nano LEGIC 63 M

Our multifrequency RFID modules are designed for integration into machines or devices. Our product range includes different sizes and their connection to external antennas is done via cables or PCBs.

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The last one can be - depending on the machine size - an important, space-saving function. Just like our standard read/write devices from the TWN4 MultiTech family, these modules also support all common RFID technologies from the LF and HF frequency ranges, including NFC. The integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module additionally supports a wide range of mobile ID and authentication solutions. They are highly customizable and their behavior can be automated depending on various criteria.

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Your advantages at a glance

Very compact board

Can be customized at the factory and in the field using the ELATEC software tools

One-piece solution for easy OEM board integration

Product Features

Product Features

Compact design (31 x 17.8 x 2.7 mm / 1.22 x 0.7 x 0.12 inch)

LEGIC chip for reading LEGIC transponder

Supports all common 125 kHz and -13.56 MHz RFID technologies as well as NFC and BLE

LEGIC Connect

All components are mounted only on one side of the PCB to simplify integration

Solder pads (C0) on both sides allow integration via SMT assembly, the variant with a pin header on both sides (C1) is suitable for THT assembly

Powerful SDK for developing apps that run directly on the reader

Firmware is field upgradeable

18 KB on-board flash memory, e.g., for storing freely accessible non-volatile data

Support for direct chip commands

Compatible with EMC contactless protocol, specification V2.3²

Supports communication with external ISO7816 compatible SAM cards

CCID and PC/SC 2.01


Supports fast centralized (re-)configuration via network and air interface using a contactless configuration card (TWN4 Configuration Card)

Development board and I/0 extender for testing the interfaces on request

3D model (STEP) on request

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