Authentication solutions for cleanroom and laboratory What you need to know

Ensure that only authorized employees have access to sensitive company areas.

Meet security requirements and standards while securing critical information.

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Intelligent RFID solutions for cleanrooms and laboratoriesSecurely and contactlessly authenticate users, control access and protect information

For life science companies, the topic of security plays a central role with regard to laboratories or special production environments such as clean rooms. They must ensure that only authorized persons have access to the premises, machines and equipment, storage facilities or materials. In addition, all requirements of GMP or GLP standards must be met.

User authentication and access control via RFID or by means of smartphone-based Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC) systems offer one solution. Users gain fast, secure and contactless access to laboratories or production facilities, as well as access to all required equipment and facilities. The technologies ensure a high level of security in the process, including advanced encryption. This reduces the risk of hacked or compromised cards or tokens. In environments that require two-factor authentication, company ID cards or smartphones (where permitted) can be used in conjunction with biometric or password-based systems.

This white paper shows the benefits of RFID-based solutions for cleanroom and laboratory environments. You will learn about the challenges of complying with GMP/GLP requirements and what is important when choosing the right authentication solution.

Learn how to implement secure, contactless user authentication for your cleanroom and lab environments with RFID or BLE/NFC in the whitepaper.

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