Simplifying Access for the Smart Hospital Balancing security and accessibility in healthcare

Modern clinical environments depend on reliable access control and user authentication.

Learn how a unified access system streamlines clinical workflows, protects patients and healthcare data, and provides a better experience for patients, visitors and staff.  

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Universal access for healthcare organizationsEfficiency, compliance and safety through smart access solutions

Security and safety are paramount in healthcare environments to ensure the safety of patients, comply with data privacy regulations, and control access to medical devices, medications and supplies. At the same time, patients and visitors need easy access to hospital amenities. A unified authentication system that works across all applications provides seamless access, security and convenience for patients, visitors and hospital staff—while simplifying workloads for administrators and IT.

Access control and authentication in a modern hospital encompass a wide range of applications, including physical access control for elevators and secure areas, digital access to electronic health records and hospital networks, and authorized use of medical devices and supply carts, to name a few. Not to mention hospital amenities such as the parking garage, cafeteria, or patient entertainment.

This whitepaper explores the uses of access technology across the Smart Hospital and the benefits of a unified access control system for security, efficiency, sustainability, and compliance. It also discusses how healthcare organizations can build a scalable, versatile access system that supports a variety of access technologies, including traditional employee ID badges, wristbands for hands-free access by patients or clinicians, and mobile authentication for visitors.

Read the whitepaper to learn how hospitals and healthcare organizations can benefit from a unified access system for all physical and digital applications — and what factors to consider when implementing a universal solution.

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