Flexible authentication
via RFID Secure Printing solution.

To produce a secure printing solution for an international insurance company, printer manufacturer Xerox installed the RFID reader/writer TWN4 MultiTech from ELATEC in its multifunction printers.

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  • The RFID reader/writer has to support all existing RFID badges currently used by the insurance company’s employees.
  • To ensure a visually appealing solution, the RFID device should be installed inside the printer housing.


  • ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech reads more than 60 card technologies, including all commonly available systems.
  • Integrating the TWN4 MultiTech inside the front printer covering was no problem.


  • Print jobs will only be executed after employees identify themselves at the printer’s RFID reader with their RFID badge.
  • Existing employee badges can continue being used for authentication and release of print jobs.
  • The keys to success for the secure printing solution developed by Xerox were the versatility of the RFID technology and the aesthetics of the integrated solution, together with the outstanding support from the ELATEC team.

Success story

Document and data security are a critical issue for businesses. This is especially true for insurance companies, which handle and process a great deal of sensitive data. To prevent printed documents from accidentally ending up in the wrong hands, a major international insurance company commissioned printer manufacturer Xerox to develop and install a secure and convenient managed print solution.

The TechTracer Lite from ELATEC enables easy identification of the underlying technology in RFID cards and badges.

User authentication via employee badges

Insurance company staff should be able to use their existing employee badges to authenticate themselves and release print jobs at authorized printers. The first step involved identifying the different RFID technologies used in the existing badges. To do this, Xerox used the TechTracer Lite from ELATEC, which identified nine different RFID protocols.

One multifunctional RFID reader for all existing badges

To avoid having to install a separate RFID reader/writer for each technology, Xerox decided on the TWN4 MultiTech from ELATEC. The powerful and multifunctional RFID reader offers flexible configuration for a wide range of requirements and recognizes more than 60 RFID technologies simultaneously. That includes the nine protocols of the badges currently in use.

Customized integration for a perfect look and maximum security

This customer-specific version of the TWN4 MultiTech was developed for the multifunction printer from Xerox.

To avoid having to install the TWN4 MultiTech as an extra device on the outside of the printer, we integrated and preinstalled the reader for Xerox inside the original front cover of the printer.  Not only is the solution aesthetically pleasing, it offers additional security since the reader and USB cable are protected from unauthorized access.

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