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Efficiency improvements along the entire value chain, increased flexibility and improved competitiveness – these are the factors that produce business success in globalized markets. Traditional business fields only survive when they can adapt, and even new ones face frequent change in order to thrive. This market reality demands business models with the very highest levels of agility and customer orientation. This is where ELATEC comes in: Its solution architectures are sector-independent and its intelligently integrated RFID technology (Radio Frequency IDentification) helps companies tap new potential.

A systematic focus on innovation and customers
Innovation and customer-centricity have always been the driving forces at ELATEC. The company was founded in 1988 near Munich to sell electronic components and RFID products, but by the beginning of the 2000s, the company’s had developed its own RFID solutions – a specialization for which ELATEC is now internationally known. Throughout its history, it has been a company that combines “Made in Germany” with a startup mentality, providing its customers with both stability and flexibility.
ELATEC sets new standards in support, too: Its many years of experience and international presence ensure a high level of availability and modifications on short notice – just what you expect from a truly reliable partner.

Multitalented. By nature.
Our primary expertise lies in the development and sale of short-range contactless writer/reader modules and contact writer/reader modules – such as RFID, NFC, Bluetooth and smartcards. ELATEC solution architectures support the customer’s entire value chain, with solutions that meet specific demands, can be used anywhere in the world and are absolutely reliable.
Our most successful product is the universal reader TWN4 MultiTech. It is compatible with more than 60 internationally established RFID technologies and can be integrated into every industrial application – from secure printing and access control to point-of-sale systems.

Paths toward shared success
ELATEC’s customers and suppliers will benefit from its core focus well into the future: Helping its partners meet the challenges of digitalization holistically and sustainably and inspiring them to tap new potential by integrating innovative technologies. Our consulting and support for customers have the key goals of process optimization and efficiency improvements. ELATEC is also playing a leading role in tapping new application areas such as the wireless Internet of Things (IoT). We’re showing our customers paths into the future. Toward shared success.


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