Bringing Access Control into the Digital Age

The Rise of Mobile Authentication Technologies 

Mobile credentialing systems are on the rise for both consumer and business applications. It’s no wonder: mobile credentials offer significant advantages for both users and access system managers.  

  • Convenience: Mobile credentials are convenient for users, as they eliminate the need to carry a separate RFID card or fob for physical access applications or enter passwords for digital access. Instead, users can simply use the smartphone they already carry.  

  • Security: Mobile authentication can leverage advanced security features built into mobile devices, such as secure storage and biometric scanners, to provide a more secure authentication method. Mobile devices facilitate the implementation of multi-factor authentication by allowing the use of a combination of credentials, including biometrics, for verifying identity. 

  • Simplicity: Mobile credentialing systems can reduce the need for physical security tokens or keycards, lowering costs for organizations and simplifying the management of access control systems.  

  • Versatility: Mobile authentication can be used for both physical access control and digital access to devices, networks and data, creating a seamless user experience in a unified access system.  

Mobile credentials are stored directly on the smartphone and transmitted to an RFID reader via Near-Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). Various mobile transponder technologies and platforms have emerged for both Apple (iOS) and Android devices in recent years, and the field is continually evolving.  

Newer credentialing platforms, such as Wavelynx Mobile (MyPass Mobile Credentials) for iOS and MIFARE 2GO for Android, offer significant advantages in terms of security, flexibility and management simplicity. Both of these protocols allow for cloud-based provisioning and management of mobile keys, which lowers operational costs and enables instant issuance or revocation of mobile credentials. They also conform to advanced encryption standards for higher security and compliance. These and other emerging mobile credentialing protocols make it easy for companies to transition to a modern mobile access solution while maintaining compliance with high security standards.  

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Find out more about TWN4 DevPack 4.80

Users wanting to get the most out of their RFID solutions need configurable software and real-world tools. So that is exactly what you’ll find in our solution package.

Remote Management of Readers 

Along with mobile credentialing systems, cloud-based management of user credentials and RFID readers is transforming the industry. Remote configuration of RFID readers via the cloud saves costs, enables easier management of the access system, and enhances security. Here’s why more businesses are implementing cloud-based management for access systems.  

  • Operational efficiency: Administrators can adjust settings, update firmware, and change access parameters for RFID readers from a centralized platform without needing to visit each device physically. Remote configuration capabilities eliminate the need for technical staff to travel to each site for installation, updates or troubleshooting, leading to significant savings in time and costs. 

  • Security: Security vulnerabilities can be promptly addressed by remotely deploying patches and firmware updates, reducing the window of opportunity for attackers to exploit outdated systems. Access permissions can also be dynamically updated in response to evolving security needs. 

  • Scalability: As the organization grows, new RFID readers can be added to the system and configured remotely to meet the expanding needs.  

  • Monitoring: The system can monitor the health and status of RFID readers, allowing for proactive maintenance and reducing the risk of unexpected failures. 

  • Flexibility: New RFID or mobile transponder technologies can be easily added to installed readers, creating a flexible and future-proof access solution.  

TWN4 DevPack 4.80: Easier Reader Management and More Mobile Technologies   

The latest version of ELATEC’s advanced RFID reader software was designed to support new digital business models and enable companies to take full advantage of mobile credentialing and cloud-based management of installed readers. It also incorporates new diagnostic capabilities and advanced security features. Here are some of the changes to look for.  

  • Enhanced mobile credentialing support DevPack 4.80 adds support for newer mobile transponder technologies for Apple and Android, including Wavelynx Mobile for iOS and MIFARE 2GO for Android. The new software also supports the Apple ECP 2.0 standard, which provides increased security for access applications. The update enhances functionality for some mobile technologies already supported by Elatec readers, including Indala® and EM4305. 

  • Next-level remote capabilities: With DevPack 4.80, users now have an advanced cloud interface to simplify management and remote configuration of installed readers. The interface, which includes optimized and secure cloud connectivity, makes it easier to update firmware, apply security patches, add supported transponder technologies, and make other configuration changes to ELATEC TWN4 readers.  

  • Diagnostics: New diagnostic functionality has also been added to the newest DevPack to make it easier to troubleshoot, adapt and optimize the readers. 

ELATEC’s TWN4 DevPack 4.80 is available now for TWN4 customers. ELATEC has also released a series of online tutorials to help users get started with the TWN4 DevPack and advanced tools such as AppBlaster and Director.  

As new mobile access protocols emerge and digital business models evolve, ELATEC will continue to update our RFID reader software to meet the needs of our customers. With DevPack 4.80, TWN4 users have some powerful new tools to make the transition to digital age.  

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