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Digital transformation is a challenge for companies. Only those who meet the changing expectations of users and customers — and are prepared to keep learning — will remain successful. That's what the virtual ELATEC Academy is for: it offers tomorrow's technology leaders the opportunity to expand their knowledge of user authentication and access control. Easily and from anywhere. In webinars that are tailored precisely to the needs of the participants.

RFID and smartphone-based credentialing systems are now an integral part of user identification, authentication and access control. And the industry is developing a high level of dynamism as a result of the new technological possibilities and changing user preferences. For example, smartphone-based credential solutions are increasingly in demand. The number of IoT devices requiring secure user authentication is also growing steadily.

The virtual Elatec Academy offers first-class training opportunities to companies that want to take advantage of the possibilities offered by forward-looking authentication solutions. Because as the world's leading provider of user authentication solutions, we know what we're talking about. In our webinars, we share our know-how with customers and partners and turn them into experts. And we do it anywhere, with minimal organizational effort and at a fraction of the cost of in-house training.

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Whether you are an authentication beginner or seeking to expand your knowledge base, there is something in the Academy for you.

And here's how easily the knowledge transfer works: The Academy introduces basic and advanced topics in authentication and access control technologies, including RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and new smartphone-based credential solutions that use NFC (Near-Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy). Basic, advanced and pro-level webinars are offered to ensure that all attendees get the maximum benefit from the courses. Those who want to lay solid foundations start with the basic part and work through all levels. Participants with prior knowledge can immediately join at a higher level. For those who want to build expertise on specific topics, we design customized webinars. The following courses are available:

  • Authentication Basics introduces the fundamentals of user authentication and access control technologies. Attendees will learn what options are available, how to use them, and how they benefit organizations.
  • Authentication Advanced covers software configuration and upgrade options for ELATEC's multifrequency readers and AppBlaster tool.
  • Authentication Pro covers mobile credentialing, device security, remote firmware updates and the ELATEC Director tool options.
  • Customized webinars can be tailored to the customer's business model and deployment scenarios to support the design, implementation and roll-out of a specific project or address business transformation strategies.

And because we are convinced that learning should be as easy as possible, we also offer videos for smart knowledge building in addition to our webinars. Here, a wide variety of topics on user authentication and access control are explained clearly.

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Participants can register for a webinar. Corporate training coordinators also have the option of requesting individual webinars or setting up Basic, Advanced or Pro sessions for several participants from their company.

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