Weighing the Options for Retail Operator Identification

You don’t want just anyone using precision scales at the meat and seafood counter, produce department or deli. Fast, secure and hygienic authentication helped our grocery client protect inventory and limit access to expensive equipment. Linking operator and transaction information to an app also allowed them to monitor customer satisfaction. That’s a double win, any way you slice it.

Securing Retail Scales—and Driving Customer Satisfaction

DinoSol is one of the leading supermarket chains in Spain, with more than 800 stores nationwide. They wanted to update their precision scale login system, which used passwords or PINs to identify operators. The system needed a security update, as the passwords and PINs were easily shared or compromised. Lost passwords created a management headache for IT. And repeatedly touching the screen while also handling food created the potential for cross-contamination or pathogen spread. DinoSol wanted to move to a contactless radio-frequency identification (RFID) system that would rely on employee ID badges for user identification and authorization.

The system needed to be fast, easy and reliable for employees, so it didn’t slow down sales. The reader also needed to be easy to integrate with their existing Bizerba precision scales. Finally, DinoSol wanted the reader to connect to an app to enable collection of customer satisfaction scores linked to individual operators and transactions.

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ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech 2 HF: A Perfectly Balanced Solution

DinoSol worked with ELATEC and evolutionID to design the perfect operator identification and data collection system. The ELATEC MultiTech 2 HF Desktop Reader connects to the precision scales via USB for easy plug-and-play operation. Now, instead of entering a password or PIN, employees simply wave their ID card for fast contactless login. The readers were configured to read the transponder technologies already in use for employee IDs across the DinoSol and can be easily reconfigured for other technologies, such as Near-Field Communication (NFC), if their needs change.

Customers receive a receipt with a QR code that links to an app for collection of satisfaction scores. When they open the app, they see all their transaction information, including the operator’s ID and photo. Customers can put in their feedback on the spot, and DinoSol has accurate operator information that they can use for training purposes and employee rewards programs. Employees can track their own scores, too. A secure, reliable operator identification system helps DinoSol drive customer satisfaction while also preventing unauthorized use of the scales.

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