Elatec puts focus on mobile authentication with new RFID reader software

Puchheim, December, 2023 – Elatec, a leader in user authentication and access control, is continuing to bring their customers into the digital age with a new Software Development Kit that adds even more mobile transponder technologies and remote capabilities. DevPack 4.80, their latest RFID reader software kit, provides innovative functionality to support new digital business models. New features include additional transponder options for iOS and Android and a new interface for cloud connection and remote access.

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Mobile authentication technologies are on the rise as companies switch from traditional RFID cards and fobs to new smartphone-based solutions for user identification and access control. Many of Elatec’s universal multi-technology readers already support smartphone authentication via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and Near-Field Communication (NFC). The new DevPack 4.80 adds support for newer mobile transponder technologies for Apple and Android, including Wavelynx Mobile for iOS and MIFARE 2GO for Android. The new software also supports the Apple ECP 2.0 standard, which provides increased security for access applications. The update enhances functionality for some mobile technologies already supported by Elatec readers, including Indala® and EM4305.

“Mobile access technologies are the way of the future,” says Burhan Gündüz, Vice President Business Development EMEA, ELATEC GmbH.“As mobile technologies and communication protocols advance, Elatec will continue to update our products and software to keep our customers ahead of the curve.”

In addition to expanding the range of mobile transponder technologies supported by Elatec readers, DevPack 4.80 adds next-level remote capabilities. The update includes a new cloud interface for easier remote configuration of installed readers and optimized cloud connection. Remote configuration of RFID readers makes it easier to update firmware, apply security patches, and reconfigure installed readers to change or add supported transponder technologies. Secure cloud connectivity and remote functionality allow Elatec’s customers to “future-proof” their RFID readers and minimize time-consuming and expensive reader maintenance. New diagnostic functionality has also been added to the newest DevPack to make it easier to troubleshoot, adapt and optimize the readers.

“Authentication and access control technologies are always evolving, so it is important to have an adaptable and future-proof solution,” says Christian Rötzer, Lead Engineer, ELATEC GmbH. “With DevPack 4.80, Elatec has given our customers even more control and flexibility to support new digital business models.”

The new DevPack 4.80 is available now and can be used with all Elatec TWN4 readers. Elatec customers can request the software download at https://www.elatec-rfid.com/int/twn4-dev-pack. Elatec has also created a series of tutorials to help customers get started with the software.

Elatec has long been a leader in RFID reader software. Their TWN4 line of universal readers support virtually all HF and LF transponder technologies used globally, along with emerging mobile technologies. The Elatec DevPack is a powerful software package that provides an unprecedented level of control over reader configuration. The reader software allows partners and clients to customize their reader configuration, including supported transponder technologies, communication protocols, and encryption. With DevPack 4.80, users now have even more options and features to support authentication and access in the digital age.  

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