New RFID-enabled User Authentication Solutions
to be Introduced at ISC West 2019

From enterprise networks to vehicle fleets and surveillance systems to perimeter gates, having access control to let the right people in - while keeping everyone else out - is a security necessity.

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ELATEC will introduce several new, uniquely “future proof” radio frequency identification (RFID) readers to enable user authentication for these and other access control applications at the ISC West Conference and Exhibition, to be held April 10-12, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new solutions include:

  • TWN4 Slim – Ultra-flat, compact reader/writer for LF, HF, NFC and BLE. Perfectly suited to embed into machines and devices. By using clip-on covers, TWN4 Slim is mountable into printer chassis cavities and allow a flat and even surface for invisible integration.
  • TWN4 Palon Panel Reader – Compact and versatile multi-technology reader/writer in a secure, rugged housing for panel mount applications. Also OEM PCB version for integration into third-party products and devices. It supports enhanced interfaces, especially RS-485. Although a general-purpose device, it is optimized for extended access control.
  • TCP3 USB-Ethernet Converter – For devices that don’t support the direct connection of a proximity card reader, such as those with no USB port, TCP3 enables a direct connection, extending RFID card-based features such as authentication and pull printing to any device regardless of the manufacturer, make or model.

There are dozens of RFID card technologies in use globally, creating challenges for device manufacturers and end user organizations wishing to implement RFID for access control beyond the front door. While other readers only recognize a few proprietary technologies, ELATEC RFID readers are universal. For instance, the MultiTech BLE 3 can recognize and decode more than 60 RFID proximity card transponder types as well as smartphone Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near-field Communication (NFC). They are also certified for use in as many as 110 countries around the world. This means that large commercial and government organizations that may be using multiple card technologies across different locations due to consolidation, mergers or acquisitions can rely on a single reader type for all the devices and systems they use. For device manufacturers and software developers, ELATEC readers provide a virtual single-part number solution that allows them to sell their RFID-enabled devices into practically any market throughout the world without worrying about what kind of card technologies their clients may be using.

ELATEC readers support remote management by the client, so they are inexpensive to maintain and will remain usable longer than competing reader technologies.

“The ability to reconfigure and update our readers remotely is a huge cost advantage for ELATEC’s customers,” said John Tepley, President of ELATEC USA, Inc. “Many of our customers have a high number of geographically distributed assets. Since they don't have to send out a technician to each one to perform manual updates to address changing security or end-user requirements, they avoid expenses that more than pay for the initial cost of the reader.”

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