To offer maximum flexibility and choice, ELATEC has added a new tool to the TWN4 product family:
The TWN4 Upgrade Card.

The standard version of Elatec TWN4 products support a wide variety of transponders and RFID technologies but the population of technologies can be extended by adding option P, option I, or option PI of a TWN4 product. With the Upgrade Card, additional technologies can be added quickly and without the need for additional tools or special know-how. The advantages are clear and numerous.

On the one hand, customers can be offered the exact solution they need – standard, P, I or PI – and avoid delivering under or over qualified products, while ensuring product longevity with the possibility of easy upgrades in the field.

On the other hand, you can reduce your own complexity by simplifying inventory, while simultaneously increasing flexibility through customized products. The added benefit lies in optimized costs and inventory management, additional flexibility, quicker time-to-market, and extra level of support, which is an advantage over competitors.

TP-IHNS80-PUPG5TWN4 Upgrade Card-P5 licenses
TP-IHNS80-PUPG10TWN4 Upgrade Card-P10 licenses
TP-IHNS80-PUPG25TWN4 Upgrade Card-P25 licenses
TP-IHNS80-PUPG100TWN4 Upgrade Card-P100 licenses
TPK-UPGSC-I5TWN4 Upgrade Card-I Kit SC5 licenses5 SIO cards
TPK-UPGSC-I10TWN4 Upgrade Card-I Kit SC10 licenses10 SIO cards
TPK-UPGSC-I25TWN4 Upgrade Card-I Kit SC25 licenses25 SIO cards
TPK-UPGSC-I100TWN4 Upgrade Card-I Kit SC100 licenses100 SIO cards
TPK-UPGSC-PI5TWN4 Upgrade Card-PI Kit SC5 licenses5 SIO cards
TPK-UPGSC-PI10TWN4 Upgrade Card-PI Kit SC10 licenses10 SIO cards
TPK-UPGSC-PI25TWN4 Upgrade Card-PI Kit SC25 licenses25 SIO cards
TPK-UPGSC-PI100TWN4 Upgrade Card-PI Kit SC100 licenses100 SIO cards
TPK-UPGSP-I50TWN4 Upgrade Card-I Kit SP50 licenses50 SE processors
TPK-UPGSP-PI50TWN4 Upgrade Card-PI Kit SP50 licenses50 SE processor