Easy check-in for
meeting rooms with RFID

Meeting Machines has found the ideal RFID reading/writing module for its multifunctional door display with the TWN4 MultiTech Nano: compact, high-performing and durable.

The perfect RFID solution for you!


  • The RFID reading/writing module has to support authentication for a wide range of different card technologies.
  • The slim design of the display only provides limited space for the RFID module.
  • The displays are used worldwide. Updates must be possible for both the display and the RFID module – without technicians being on site.


  • ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech Nano reads more than 60 card technologies.
  • Its compact, slim and lightweight design makes it an excellent choice for OEM integration.
  • Thanks to remote programmability, updates can be conveniently installed from a distance.


  • The new display system from Meeting Machines is a total success. Thanks to RFID integration, meeting participants are quickly and easily authenticated and given physical access with their employee IDs.
  • Because the TWN4 MultiTech Nano is remotely programmable, Meeting Machines can transmit new functions and features to the door displays via remote access and eliminate expensive service calls.

Success story

The US company Meeting Machines is a leading provider of meeting room displays. The development of a compact, integrated solution combines various functionalities such as occupancy display, scheduling, and contactless check-in via RFID in one unit. Technically complex networking and visually unsightly installation of multiple devices such as touchscreen displays, LED pads and RFID readers are a thing of the past.

Easy physical access for employees no matter which card technology their employee ID uses.

The TWN4 MultiTech Nano impresses with its compact design.

The Windows-based display is not only multi-functional, it also stands out with its modern, elegant and slim design. That allows it to meet specific requirements for the RFID module in terms of both performance and design and compactness. Sheldon Downey, President of Meeting Machines, explains why the company opted for the TWN4 MultiTech Nano: “Our goal was to build a very high-quality, industrial-grade solution. We chose ELATEC to be the RFID provider not only because of the product quality and the high service level. It's very small size allowed us a seamless and elegant integration of the module, which more than satisfied our design standards.”

An RFID module for a wide range of different card technologies.

Most of Meeting Machines’ individual customer businesses use different types of employee IDs. That’s no problem for our TWN4 MultiTech Nano. The high-performance RFID reading/writing module supports many different card technologies. Employees can continue to use their old IDs and will have no problem gaining physical access to meeting rooms. This eliminates expensive replacement of employee IDs.

Highest-level service and technical support.

It was more than our TWN4 MultiTech Nano RFID module that won over Meeting Machines – it was our outstanding service, too. “Fortune 1000 companies expect quality, design and customer service. That is exactly what ELATEC offers. The superb ELATEC Support team was able to implement our firmware requirements in just a few hours. I’ve told our colleagues in production that I won’t even entertain any other options because ELATEC does such a great job,” says Sheldon Downey, President of Meeting Machines, in praising ELATEC.

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