Creating a Seamless Guest Journey in the Hospitality Industry

A Unified Access System for Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality

The vast majority of hotels, resorts and conference centers have moved from physical keys or magstripe cards to reliable, secure access control methods such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards or smartphone credentials. An RFID key card or mobile credential provides fast and easy access to guest rooms and other amenities throughout the property.  

Whether they choose key cards or mobile authentication (or a combination of both), hotels and resorts can benefit greatly from creating a unified access system that incorporates all elements of the guest experience. The same unified access system can be leveraged for employees as well, either through the employee ID card or a mobile access system. A unified access system might include not only guest rooms but also: 

  • Hotel amenities such as the gym, pool, lounge and spa or wellness center  

  • The business center and services such as printing or computer access 

  • Vending machine or convenience store purchases 

  • The hotel restaurant or bar 

  • Resort entertainment and events  

  • Conference facilities and services  

  • Parking facilities  

  • Elevators and floor access 

  • Time & attendance and access to staff-only areas for employees  

A unified system is more convenient for guests and easier for organizations to manage. Some of the benefits include:  

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: A unified access system streamlines the guest experience by offering convenient, keyless access to rooms and facilities. Guests can use a single key card or mobile credential to access their rooms, gym, pool, business center and other amenities, making their stay more seamless and enjoyable. Paid amenities, such as vending machine purchases or spa services, can be easily and discretely added to the room bill so guests can enjoy their experience without worrying about carrying money or credit cards.  

  • Improved Security: A unified system enables comprehensive management of security infrastructure across the property, including not only guest rooms but also elevators, parking facilities, and shared amenities. For example, when the elevator access system is linked to the room key, it is possible to limit guest access to the floors to which they are assigned.   

  • Tailored Access: With a unified access system, it is also possible to tailor access levels and experiences to individual guests. Guests attending a conference at the facility may have access to different areas of the property not open to vacationers, for example. It is also possible to tie access to certain areas or amenities to the guest profile or loyalty points, creating high-end experiences for loyalty members. Employee access levels can be set based on their role and duties.  

  • Operational Efficiency: A unified system streamlines various operational processes, reducing the workload on staff. For instance, check-ins and check-outs can be managed more efficiently, and less time is spent on access issues. This efficiency can lead to cost savings and better allocation of human resources. A unified access system can also be integrated with other hotel technologies like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, property management systems, and online booking platforms, creating a more cohesive and efficient operational ecosystem. 

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Unified systems are scalable and can be easily expanded or modified as the hotel’s needs change, making them a flexible solution for growing or evolving businesses. A universal authentication system makes it easier to manage access across multiple locations in a hotel or resort chain.

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From closed functions at the hotel to trade fairs and events of all kinds: an authentication solution is perfect for efficient, secure and convenient hospitality management.

Optimizing Guest Services with Authentication Data

A unified authentication and access control system creates a better user experience for guests, enhancing their ability to move freely through the hotel or resort. It also generates valuable data that facility managers can use to optimize services and amenities and create more personalized guest experiences. In today’s highly competitive hospitality industry, the ability to optimize and personalize guest services can help hotels and resorts stand out and earn valuable customer loyalty. After all, who doesn’t want to stay someplace that feels tailored to their every need?   

Integrating the access system with customer loyalty programs, guest check-in/check-out, and other systems enables even greater levels of optimization and personalization. Here are a few to consider.  

  • Optimizing Facility Usage: Authentication data can reveal peak usage times for amenities like the gym, pool, or spa. This information helps in staffing decisions, maintenance scheduling, and planning expansions or renovations to reduce overcrowding and enhance guest satisfaction. Tracking guest visits to on-site restaurants or bars enables the hotel to adjust menus, staffing, and operating hours based on popularity and demand. 

  • Predicting and Managing Guest Flow: Understanding how guests move through the property helps in managing foot traffic and planning for high-occupancy periods. This can improve overall guest flow and reduce wait times for services. 

  • Customizing Event and Conference Services: For guests attending events or conferences, access data can help customize their experience by providing tailored access to specific facilities, exclusive offers, or personalized itineraries based on their interests and needs. 

  • Personalizing Room Preferences: By analyzing entry data, hotels can determine guests’ preferred room temperature, lighting, and entertainment settings. This information can be used to automatically adjust these settings for returning guests, providing a personalized and comfortable room environment upon arrival. Guests can even move seamlessly between different properties or locations owned by the same hotel chain, taking their access data and room preferences with them.  

  • Tailoring Marketing and Promotions: Analyzing access patterns to various amenities can guide targeted marketing efforts. For example, guests who frequently use the spa might be interested in special spa packages, while those visiting the business center regularly could be offered meeting room discounts. Frequent usage of certain amenities can be rewarded through loyalty points or special privileges, encouraging repeat visits and increasing guest loyalty. 

  • Enhancing Security Measures: Data from access control systems can be used to identify and address security vulnerabilities. For instance, unusual access patterns can trigger alerts, enabling swift response to potential security breaches or safety concerns. 

  • Managing Energy Consumption: Integration with energy management systems can lead to significant savings. For instance, rooms or entire areas of the hotel or conference center can be set to energy-saving modes when guests are detected to be away, and preferred settings can be reactivated upon their return. 

  • Streamlining Housekeeping and Maintenance: Access data can inform housekeeping schedules, allowing for cleaning and maintenance when rooms or facilities are least likely to be in use, thereby minimizing guest disturbance. 

ELATEC is working with clients in the hospitality industry to create unified authentication and access systems that enhance the guest experience, drive competitive advantage, and create operational efficiencies for hotel and resort managers. Our universal RFID readers support both card and smartphone access, so facilities can set up a flexible access solution for now and the future. Whether you have a single location or an international hospitality chain, we can help you set up a secure, simple and scalable solution that will transform access for your guests and employees.

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